Old news is good news!

Towards the end of 2016, the Regional Supply Chain Strengthening (RSCS) team in Myanmar approached Sustainable Solutions with a new requirement, with the overall aim of providing good information to the Ministry of Health and Sport to help them make good procurement and resource allocation decisions. They wanted to gather accurate consumption information from thousands of customer-facing facilities all over the country and produce aggregated reports.

Some of the functionality was already present in mSupply but we added some custom forms, validation and processing to allow facility level stock data to be entered and managed. On top of this, we created several custom reports with their own filters to display and aggregate the data in a usable form.

The project was implemented by the local RSCS team with local front-line support backed up with support we provided. The project has been a complete success. After gathering nearly a year’s worth of health facility data, information that was never before available is now available at the click of a button at any time to aid the Ministry of Health and Sport in making decisions at all levels of the supply chain.

Here are some quotes from the final pilot report:

“Already, the average reporting rate into the mSupply by all 79 townships for all 3,738 basic health facilities is 98%, as of October 2017.”

“The team also checked the consistency between the health facility stock report form and the mSupply electronic data aggregation tool at the township level, demonstrating that average accuracy of data entry of the 79 townships was 99%”


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