Can I run mSupply client to connect to mSupply server over the internet?(Sept 17, 2010)

Yes you can.
Note, we are not talking about the mSupply web interface here. We are talking about running the full mSupply client just like you would on a local office network.

Test results.

We have done some tests with low speed connections:

  • 256kbps : works, but not recommended.
  • 512kbps : quite usable for most tasks, but slow for running reports.
  • 1Mbps : good.


Note that latency (the time taken to get a response will change the performance of a connection. We have found that a 1Mbps connection with under 100ms of latency is quite OK.
You need to do your own tests to verify usability on your own particular network before deployment. We can provide a trial version of mSupply server and client for this purpose if needed.

Contact us if you need more information.



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