mSupply ColdChain achieves World Health Organisation Prequalification

On 8 February 2021, mSupply ColdChain was prequalified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a Temperature Monitoring Device. WHO prequalification assures users that mSupply ColdChain is suitable for use in immunization programmes.

mSupply ColdChain allows facilities to use Bluetooth sensors to capture real-time cool-storage temperatures. The use of Bluetooth removes the requirements of physical cables or an internet connection- alerts are displayed on a linked mobile device even if no internet connection is available. Temperature logs can also be sent mSupply desktop and Dashboard if configured.

A great trial run

In late 2020, mSupply ColdChain was trialled in the cool store of a central medical store in Liberia. mSupply ColdChain’s full visual history at the cool store door picked up temperature fluctuations, and investigation showed that a damaged cooling element was causing temperature breaches within a freezer that were not being picked up by the existing temperature monitoring system. As a result, the cooling element could be repaired under warranty and further stock spoilage was avoided.

While we are super excited about achieving WHO prequalification, we are also working on obtaining prequalification for use in all aspects of the supply chain from countrywide systems with central dashboards, to small clinics with a single fridge. We’re also working on an update to mSupply which will link together the temperature data with both equipment (asset) records and with stock records.

View the WHO prequalification of mSupply ColdChain here (pdf download). For more information on mSupply ColdChain, please check out our user documentation (English, with other languages coming) or send us an email to:


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