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Back when mSupply was just beginning in an office in Nepal, Tonga was one of the very first countries to use mSupply. Since then mSupply has grown to be used in multiple other Pacific Island Countries, and we’re excited to announce that the mSupply Foundation has now signed a 5-year funding agreement with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to further support and work closely with PICs.

But first: what is The mSupply Foundation?

We want to bring about a day where any country in the developing world has free access to a software system that will allow them to manage their medical supply chain(s) easily, robustly, and to a high standard.

Sustainable Solutions has spent almost 20 years developing mSupply, a Logistics Management Information System (“LMIS”) which is now used in over 30 countries. It has been developed using proprietary tools which require annual fees and that have licences that stipulate that the code cannot be shared with the open-source community.

We now wish to take all that we have learned, improve upon it and make it open source. The mSupply Foundation has been formed as an umbrella not-for-profit organisation to nurture the very best in open source software for low and middle income countries, and will lead the development and management of the Open mSupply project.

Andrei (Sussol developer) and Narsong (consultant) heading towards the sunset in Vanuatu

What does this mean for mSupply?

This doesn’t mean that mSupply is being abandoned! We will be transitioning all existing mSupply sites to Open mSupply as part of the project.

What does the next step look like?

We will be partnering with Beyond Essential Systems to launch DTAC – the Indo-Pacific Health & Supply Chain Data & Technical Assistance Centre. This initial funding will give us an opportunity to improve access to essential medicines and support long-term health system development in the wider Indo-Pacific region. MFAT’s funding will support initial implementation in 6 Polynesian countries – Cook Islands, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu – until 2025. We will spend the coming weeks and months forming an advisory panel made of representatives from each of these countries and signing MOUs with each. Other countries are invited to formally join and utilise DTAC’s support, whilst the resources we develop will be released for free use across the entire region.

Read more about it here on The mSupply Foundation website.

  1. Hi,

    I just came across msupply and I liked a lot what I’ve seen. I just wonder where can I find the source code of your newer product: mflow. I could’nt find it on your Github repository.


    Ali Mohamed
    whatsapp: +218922432280
    Tripoli, Libya

    Ali Mohamed · Sept 30, 02:55 am · #

  2. Hi Ali! Good to hear from you.

    We have two repositories for our mFlow software: the front end one: https://github.com/openmsupply/application-manager-web-app and the back end one is here: https://github.com/openmsupply/application-manager-server
    You’ll notice we haven’t quite settled on a name so that would be why you couldn’t find it :-) The documentation/Readme for the software is still being worked on, so please do let us know if you have any questions!

    — Dhanya from mSupply · Sept 30, 10:45 am · #

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