How does mSupply interact with accounting software?(Feb 12, 2007)

Once you are satisfied that an invoice (for either incoming or outgoing goods) is complete, you may export the invoice from mSupply. This may be done an any frequency the user chooses. (Monthly is usually satisfactory). The file produced is a "tab-delimited text file". Any accounting program worth using is able to import this type of data. Once data is imported, monthly statements and bill payments can be produced from your accounting system.

If you are setting up a new system, or want to upgrade your existing accounting solution, we are able to supply the superb Moneyworks. Please email Sustainable Solutions if you would like a demonstration copy of Moneyworks.

Moneyworks users: We provide built-in connectivity to Moneyworks.

Quickbooks users: we have a plug-in available to allow direct insertion of mSupply data into Quickbooks. Contact us for details.

MYOB users: we are able to provide export of data, and are working on closer integration.

We can also supply a plug-in that allows mSupply to be seen as a COM object.

We also support web services as both client and server for data exchange.