How to capture a screen shot in Windows(Mar 23, 2009)

When problems occur, you may be asked to send us the image of your computer screen or the active window. 

To take a screen shot of your entire screen, press the PRtsc or PrintScreen or F13 button on your keyboard.

When you press one of the keys above,  a copy of your current screen will be placed in on the clipboard, allowing you to save it in a number of document formats. 

  1. press PRtsc  or the PrintScreen key
  2. Paste the image directly on to a e-mail message (create a new message, position the cursor in the body of the message and press Control + V  (or choose Edit > Paste)
    If you can't paste into your email software, Create a new Microsoft Word or Openofficedocument and paste the image from the clipboard by pressing the keys "ctrl+V". Or you can use the menu Edit > Paste...   
    Pasting to Microsoft paint should also work.
  3. Save the document and e-mail it to us.

To take the screen shot of the selected window :

1. Press  ALT and PrtSC or AlT  and PrintScreen  or ALT F13 at the same time.
2. Repeat the above steps from Number 2 on-wards.




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