Is it possible to issue expired drugs to clients?(Aug 14, 2008)

The short answer is "it depends".

The text books will tell you that you should never issue expired drugs, but in reality it's not that simple. If you are near the beginning of a long and slow supply chain, issuing drugs with a year until expiry might be bad. In another situation, where the choice is between a life saving treatment with an expired drug, and no treatment at all.... we know what we'd choose.

mSupply has 2 preferences:

  • "disallow issuing expired items" - that's pretty self explanatory. 
  • "warning if expiry is less than X days" (you specify "X"). if you enter "90", then issuing an item with less than 90 days expiry will show a warning that the user must dismiss before proceeding. We think this is more useful than a "blanket ban", but in the end each organisation can decide what's best.


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