My Zebra printer is printing extra blank labels(Mar 17, 2009)

Zebra printers have a sensor that detects when the end of a label is reached. When you first install them, and then occasionally after that you might need to perform the following steps. This is know as calibrating the printer.

  • If the printer is on, turn it off (switch at the back, right hand side when viewing printer from the front)
  • Make sure the printer has the labels in it that you want to use
  • Hold down the button on the top of the printer while turning on the printer switch at the back (hint: it's easier to do this using two hands  ;-)   )
  • The printer will slowly advance and then print out some text, then stop.
  • Press the button on top
  • The printer will print some more text, ending with "out of dump"
  • Further pressing of the button on top should now advance exactly one label

If the above fails to improve performance then try re-setting the printer.

  • View Special > Printer preferences… from the mSupply menu.
  • Double click on the print settings that is causing problems.

  • Click on the “Reset printer” icon once or twice.
  • Then physically carry out the calibration steps mentioned above.

If the printer still mis-behaves then you may need to follow the maintenance procedure mentioned inside the manufacturer’s guide. There as also a possibility that the firmware of the printer needed to be upgraded or re-installed.

We have Zebra printers in use around the world, having printed more than a million labels. We have yet to see a broken printer. The worst that has happened is that the printer firmware has had to be uploaded. The most common problem is that they occasionally need re-calibrating using the steps above.


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