Recommended server hardware(Feb 16, 2009)

There are lots of machines that will run an mSupply server.

Below is an example specification

  • Dual-core processor (Intel core 2 duo or similar, or AMD Opteron)
  • Processor speed: Any
  • Ram at least 2Gb (4 to 8Gb is good)
  • Hard disks: 4 hard disks, 80Gb or larger. Configured as:
    • RAID 5 : 3 disk, plus one disk formatted as a normal drive to take mSupply backups
    • RAID 1: 2 disks, plus one added as a hot spare, and one disk formatted as a normal drive to take mSupply backups
  • SSD hard disks give dramatic performance improvements if used. Reliability needs to be researched for each make/model.
  • OS: Windows 2008 or 2011 server (will also run on Windows 7 professional)
  • Monitor: any
  • Keyboard/mouse: any
  • UPS system:
    • Ideally, a UPS that has a serial or USB cable and software that allows the computer to:
      • Run a batch file a few minutes before shut down (in order to shut down mSupply server)
      • Shut down the computer
    • We like UPS systems with external batteries-in a developing country you can usually use a car battery as the battery- cheap and gives a long run time!

Systems our customers have used. These are low end examples, but still cope with millions of records without a problem. Higher end machines will improve performance if needed.

  • HP ML 110  (supports only RAID 1)
  • HP ML 115 (supports RAID 1 or RAID 5).
  • IBM X3200
  • HP ML350


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