What does the web access module do?(Jun 15, 2010)

The mSupply Web Access module allows customers of the store running mSupply to:

Access information in the store running mSupply:

  • A list of stocked items, including current stock on hand.
  • The due date for items that are out of stock but on order
  • Recent invoices for the customer.
  • A list of items on backorder

Place and manage orders with the store.

  • Use a standard order list and fill in the required quantities
  • See the status of each order that has been submitted

If using an imprest system:

  • Produce a list of items belonging to the item master list and the customer group
  • Submit the current stock on hand at the customer site for each item, allowing the central store to process the stock figures and generate an order.

  1. This is fantastic!

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