What features are being planned for future versions?(Jun 11, 2008)

With the release of version 2, we've added multiple store and French language support, and this has been our main focus ffor the last year.

We're currently working on new features for versions 2.01 and later

  • Allowing for push stock delivery systems, where customer stock levels are entered either by an mSupply user, or directly by the customer via the web interface. This allows a calculation to be performed that calculates client usage (as we know their previous stock take levels, and how much we have supplied them in the interim), and then to calculate a reasonable supply quantity. This system is used in several Pacific Island countries, and is good where you have a lower skill level in regional supply points. It will be entirley optional in mSupply- if you don't want to use the system you won't notice it's existence.
  • Favorites for customers, so they get a reduced list of items when they log on to the web interface.
  • Improved integration with Moneyworks

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