What hardware is required?(Feb 13, 2007)

Windows single user

  • a computer with a dual core or later processor
  • Windows XP/2003 Small Business Server/Vista/Windows 7
  • Windows 8 supported with mSupply version v3.12
  • 300 Megabytes free hard disk space.
  • 1Gb RAM


  • OSX 10.6.0 or later.
  • OSX 10.8 supported with mSupply v3.12


  • A printer is not compulusory, but is recommended.
  • For dispensary labels we support Zebra label printers- once you've used one you'll understand why.
  • Update September 2009: Intermec PF4 and PF8 printers support the EPL language we use, so should also work fine)
  • For networked printing you should get a Zebra printserver II or GK420TT which are much better, and keeps your default windows printer available for reports


  • For off-site backups. A portable USB/Firewire hard drive is ideal.
  • (We also provide a remote backup service).

Client/server installation:

  • An ethernet network- 100baseT or Gigabit.
  • Server
  • Client computers
    • Almost any computer running Windows XP or later will work OK as a client as long as the network is good and the server is good.
    • Windows 7 recommended