What is the free version of mSupply?(Feb 13, 2007)

The single user version of mSupply is available at no cost for use in any situation (commercial or not-for-profit).

The free version does not entitle the user to support, although we may answer e-mail queries if we aren't too busy.

  • Steps to obtain the free version
    • Download mSupply and the user guide and decide if it will meet your organistion’s needs. The demo version will work for 6 months or 2000 transaction lines.
    • Contact us by email with an explanation of your organisation and follow the registration instructions below, and we’ll send you a registration code that registers mSupply forever.
  • mSupply registration instructions:
    • Choose File > Preferences
    • Set organisation name
    • Click the “register” button
    • Click “copy details”
    • Paste into an email & send to us
    • We will send back a registration code