What support is available?(Feb 13, 2007)

The free version:

For users who have obtained the software for free, we make no promises, except that we will fix any errors that are our fault. We might have time to answer email questions, but don't rely on it.

Paid support

For paying clients we provide support via email, skype, phone, and site visits.

Support pricing is available at http://msupply.org.nz/pricing.html

What it includes

  • Remote control: we use a product called LogMeIn to give us access to a client's server (with their prior permission of course). As long as a server is on and has an internet connection, we can use this to:
    • Monitor how the server is running.
    • Install updates and new features if requested.
    • Install custom reports that the client orders.
    • Take a backup of client data (with client approval)
  • Email: We usually answer emails pretty promptly. if the solution is complex, we'll produce a detailed pictorial guide too
  • Skype: We can use Skype text chat or voice to help clients step through issues.
  • Automated internet backups
    • We provide free access to an internet backup service as part of the support cost. This means that (if you give permission), backups are automatically stored off-site at least once a week.
  • Data verification
    • We will look at a copy of your data from time to time and make recommendations about how mSupply is being used.