When sending a report to Excel 2007 it warns that the file contents don't match the extension(Feb 23, 2009)

This is Excel 2007 trying to be too clever by half.

You have 3 options


  • Don't use Excel 2007 (Didn't think you'd like that one) 
  • Ignore the warning by clicking the "Yes" button (Don't worry- nothing bad will happen if you're opening an mSupply report)
  • Edit your registry to turn off the warning like this
    • Choose Start > Run
    • type "Regedit.exe"
    • Find Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Excel\Security
    • Find Value: (DWORD)"ExtensionHardening
    • Set it's value to "0" (It will be set to 1 when you open it.
That last option is for people who know what they're doing with the registry. If that isn't you, then stick to the 2nd option.



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