Why does a stock history report show negative stock?(Oct 29, 2009)

Some of mSupply’s stock history reports can sometimes show negative values.

Why does it happen?

If you have a customer invoice that you enter on Monday and you enter a placeholder line as you don’t have stock, then stock arrives on Wednesday from a supplier, mSupply allows you to update Monday’s invoice with stock that arrived later than Monday. When mSupply “looks back” it will seem that stock was issued before it was received.
You can avoid this by

  • Not adding stock to invoices created earlier than the supplier invoice
  • Changing the confirm date of such customer invoices to a date after the date stock was received.

To turn off display of negative values:

  • Go to File > preferences
  • Go to the reports tab (version 3 or later only)
  • Check the the “On stock history reports, ignore negative stock values” checkbox


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