Finally: Version 3.1 is here.

We’re sorry.

We weren’t supposed to have a one year gap between versions, and when you look at our new version, you might wonder what we’ve been up to in the last year.

Well, there’s been a lot more happening than appears on the surface:

  • We’ve fixed over 500 issues in the new version. We’d been going hammer and tongs on new development for years, and we needed to give mSupply the once-over and we found quite a lot of little things that needed fixing.
  • We’ve had a lot of customers ask us for custom features in the last year- some of this has made it into the current version that benefits all users, and some of the work was so specific that we hide it from other users as it would either clutter up the interface or make things overly confusing for existing users.
  • We’ve instituted new support systems, and done a record number of new installations (We made 12 trips to clients in 2011, most of which were for new installations)

Anyway, we got there, and we’re super glad to have version 3.1 ready for use.

  • Read about the new features Here
  • Use the download links on the right or Click here for the download page.

Thanks for your patience.


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