mSupply in the cloud

We’ve been providing cloud-based mSupply servers since 2013, but not many people know that.
In fact, there are lots of different ways you can run mSupply, so hopefully we can make things a bit clearer with this post.

mSupply in the Cloud

A cloud-based server means you don’t have to buy hardware or make sure your server has an internet connection.
We can configure a server for you in a few minutes, and you can pay by the month if you want to.

If you’d like your own server to try out, we can arrange a one month demo at no cost.

Synchronised mSupply

One thing you do need to use mSupply in the cloud is a reliable internet connection. If the internet breaks, then the server is still there, but you can’t use it until your internet is restored.

If this happens more than intermittently, then synchronised mSupply may well work well for you. It means that you use a “normal” mSuply Desktop application (either a single user or multi-user system), but all your data is stored locally at your office. When there is an internet connection available, data is synchronised to a central mSupply server (we call this the primary server). Now, just to confuse things, that central server can be one of your servers (say in the capital city of your country), or can be in the cloud.

We now have almost 200 sites around the world using synchronisation.

mSupply mobile

mSupply mobile uses mSupply’s synchronisation system, so you use an Android tablet to enter your transactions to receive and issue stock and do stock-takes. It works even when there’s no internet. When there is internet available, your data is syncrhonised from the tablet to a primary mSupply server.

If you’d like more info, use the contact form here and ask away!


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