New Transaction Report Templates

And now for something you may well have been waiting for…

mSupply now has a new Save Template feature which allows you to save a given report as a template once you have input your chosen settings. Templates can be reused as needed.

You are able to save the preferences you have set as a template report.

You can set a name and description for the report template. You can also define user permissions as ‘Public’ – for anyone, or ‘Private’, in which case the permissions only apply to the user who created the template.

The Manage Reports tab:

  • Displays all template reports that the user has permissions to view.
  • Allows the user to use the template:
    • Redirects the user to the ‘Create Report’ tab
    • Settings here will be set according to the preferences of the template report
  • Users can also edit, delete, and duplicate the reports if user permissions allow.
  • Quick search searches in all text columns of the table.


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