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We’re very excited about our new Remote Tender Module (Well, at least two of us are. The unbelievers will come around in due course ;-) ). It’s the culmination of a year of mulling over how to improve the tender process, and six months of writing code.
This module provides the ability for potential suppliers to submit tender responses over the Internet once an mSupply user publishes a tender.

How does it work?

First you use mSupply to create a tender. This is exactly the same process with all the same quantification tools available as if you are publishing a normal tender.
Once the tender is ready, you publish a tender to https://tenders.msupply.org.nz, which is a secure server managed by Sustainable Solutions.
Your chosen suppliers can then complete their quotation details online. After the tender closing date has passed, you then download the submitted tenders into mSupply for assessment and decision-making. This is a one-click process! All the conversion of pack sizes, currencies etc. is done for you.

What’s in it for suppliers?

  • The time between tender closing and notification of tender awards will drop from months to days, meaning less risk to suppliers due to exchange rate fluctuations, and more efficient work flows.
  • Suppliers know that what they submit is what the client uses for comparison. This is much better than the “old” system, where data submitted on a spreadsheet was manually transcribed into mSupply.

Here is the web form that you enter your bid to:

  • Web interface
    Web interface

What’s in it for mSupply users?

  • The removal of lots of boring work!
  • Reduced lead times between quantification and receipt of goods.
  • A reduction in errors as data is transferred directly into mSupply, rather than having to be re-typed.
  • Improved relationships with suppliers!

What technology is used?

The technology behind the Remote Tender Module is in the form of a web site hosted by us at Sustainable Solutions. You use your copy of mSupply to prepare and upload the tender and also download submitted tender quotations.
Our server only accepts encrypted (SSL) connections, and data is backed up hourly, so it is as safe and secure as we can make it.

  1. Hi,

    this is great!

    the questions that we may ask is how secure is the price informations with Sustainable Solutions.

    will it compromise the integrity of our tender process?

    — Apolosi Vosanibola · Oct 26, 02:14 am · #

  2. Apolosi,
    thanks for your query.
    We take data security very seriously.
    We take the following steps:

    • Only https (secure); there will be a closed padlock icon in the corner of your browser address bar.
    • Automatic disconnection: should there be no activity after a short time, you are required to confirm that you are still working on the website. In the absence of such confirmation the login screen reappears.
    • One-time password: the password provided for the first time you access the website is valid only for that first occasion. You must change it to password of your own choosing for continued access to the website.
    • The server running the Tender Management System is managed by Sustainable Solutions. We know this system will only be successful if we maintain the highest standards of ethical, impartial behaviour and keep your data secure and accessible only to authorised parties.
    • Restricted access by IP address. If you wish to limit access to your online account to only users within your office, let us know an IP address or Subnet that you will use and we will place this restriction in place until you instruct us to remove it.
    • We track the IP address of all log on attempts. Repeated attempts from the same IP address will be blocked.

    Best regards,

    Craig · Oct 27, 06:02 am · #

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