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  • Sending an SMS
    Sending an SMS

Well, because we’re nice people, we’ve gone and done it – we’ve given you the ability to send SMS text messages to mSupply from your mobile phone. We’ve done it by giving mSupply an interface to FrontlineSMS , a popular open source SMS application.

Now, from a remote site, you can text in your stock levels so that the main warehouse can send you the goods that you need. This will be a really helpful feature if you have remote or mobile health posts which need to inform mSupply about a few items at a time. And, because it doesn’t rely on the internet, it will even work in areas which don’t have it!

We plan to add more SMS functionality in future versions so if you have ideas for a way this technology could help you, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Thank you, your article helped me.

    Eric Nitler · Sept 19, 06:01 pm · #

  2. Hi Craig

    I wonder whether new evolution of mSupply includes an SMS system that will allow to acknowledge drug receptions at health center (HC) level.
    If a HC is able to send an order, should it be possible to envisage thta the same HC would acknowledge the same order (drug and qty)?
    Similar to RapidPro made by UNICEF.

    Bertrand from Sierra Leone

    — Bertrand CHENIN · May 15, 05:22 pm · #

  3. Hi Bertrand,
    Nice to hear from you. What you suggest is possible with SMS but it’s not included in the mSupply SMS module yet. There are so many possibilities we can’t develop them all, but we’re happy to respond to specific development requests.

    Acknowledgement of receipt is possible using mSupply mobile which has been specially developed for small stores like health facilities. We’re currently developing the next version of mobile which will have the ability to operate offline and synchronise when it has an internet connection. Watch this space!

    — Gary · May 16, 04:03 pm · #

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