The Cook Islands Story

In March 2018, Desktop mSupply was installed at Rarotonga Hospital and Aitutaki with mSupply mobile being rolled out to several other islands.  Tupaia, the health facility mapping app, was installed alongside, offering a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical logistics to the region.

The Tupaia project provides greater visibility of essential medicines and other services at the primary healthcare level. To this end, an extensive data collection project was undertaken during 2017 to collect information about hundreds of facilities. This is then being combined with information coming from mSupply and mSupply mobile.

While mSupply is known to be very user friendly and simple to use, training was provided to ensure users were comfortable using the new system.

Project lead Chris Petty had this to say: “This was an opportunity for mSupply and Tupaia to provide robust, tested and proven systems that will make life simpler for the users while keeping pharmaceutical records accurate and up to date.”

When completed the distribution of mSupply desktop and mSupply mobile throughout the region will look something like this:


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