Version 3.12 is here - and it's a BIGGY!

The news to put a smile on your face today is that we’ve released version 3.12 of mSupply. There are a lot of features and fixes in there to make you happy! You can see the full list here but here are the highlights:

We’ve gone mobile!
mSupply mobile, our groundbreaking application, is officially released in this version. This little app. will run on a tablet or smartphone and enables you to manage you stock in places with little or no IT infrastructure – in a remote health centre or aidpost for example. It works really well even over very slow internet connections.

  • Go mobile!
    Go mobile!

  • Using mobile
    Using mobile

Cloud mSupply
We’re happy to announce that we can now provide mSupply hosted on a cloud server (a remote server in a secure data centre out on the internet somewhere). Using mSupply this way means that you don’t need to maintain a server and its associated infrastructure on your premises – all you need is a stable internet connection for each workstation. Contact us if you want to know more.

Cataloguing made easy
We’ve added an online catalogue to mSupply to help you do away with those expensive printed ones. It means that people you allow can see what products are available from you. The catalogue is searcheable by item name or category and even uses our new hierarchical item categories. Not a piece of paper in sight and it’s always up to date!

  • Online catalogue
    Online catalogue

Now it’s possible to add authorisation steps to the purchasing, goods inwards, goods outwards and other processes in mSupply. Perfect for including and enforcing quality assurance in your workflow.

Goods receipt improved
We’ve made it simple to receive multiple batches of products and to choose where to put them in your store with our improved goods receipt functionality.

Asset management
Now you can manage and track the movement of assets such as vehicles and gas cylinders.

Patient Medication Records
A great help for patients, you can now produce individually tailored medication records, detailing in simple terms what medication needs to be taken when. You can even include pictures of the medication!

  • PMR

And there’s a whole lot more!
Don’t forget these are just the highlights and you can see full details of what’s in the release here. If you want full details of how any of the new features work then visit our documentation wiki here. Enjoy!


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