Version 3 is here

Today we finally got version 3 out the door.
You can read about it here
It feels like it’s getting harder and harder to release a new version. I think what has changed is that we now have a significant customer base, and they like to contact us pretty regularly. On release day we had a client in the US wanting help with a new installation, a client in Africa asking about how to unhide items, a consultant heading to the The Gambia who wanted a Powerpoint presentation on mSupply (We don’t like powerpoint- it has associations with slick marketing that just isn’t our style).
So, thanks to Ujwal, Sajan, John, Sudhir, Adrian and Bijay who have all been working on various aspects of version 3.

For the next month or two we’ll be working away quietly on tidying up a few loose ends, and getting a web interface done for reports, so that managers in another location (dornw the road or around the world) can log in with a web browser and run a report.

If you’re an mSupply user, thanks for sticking with us, and for all the good suggestions that have helped to make mSupply what it is.

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