Version History

mSupply v6.03 (2022-08-15)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

For everyone

  • Integrate Fridgetags with mSupply [10878]

For Haiti

  • Haiti: Automate creating multiple boxes (Deliverable No. 7.2) [11034]
  • Haiti: new stock reconciliation report required (report 1 – Deliverable No. 8) [10942]
  • Haiti: Distribution plan report required (report 6 – Deliverable No 9.6) [10941]
  • Haiti: Customer invoice packaging instruction report [11207]
  • Haiti: Customer invoice box content list [11208]

For São Tomé and Príncipe

  • São Tomé and Príncipe : Internal Order Custom report [11227]

For Nigeria

  • Nigeria: Custom report for invoice line with donor transaction report [11201]

Bug fixes

  • Donor: you can delete a donor that is assigned to stock [11205]
  • User details: wrong alert for inactive user [11182]
  • Getting the last day of the month for requisition by program will not work properly unless the user regional date format is dd/mm/yyyy [11175]
  • Notes added on inventory adjustments aren’t accessible after the transaction is confirmed/finalised [11172]
  • Changing sync settings when opening a copy of the central server data file is unnecessary [5866]
  • Transline Box field has a short character limit (80 char) [11294]
  • Monthly DOS calculation via aggregator goes to huge days loop [11218]
  • Validating email with long domain name failed [11203]
  • Internal order using master list is very slow. [10852]
  • Site log: the latest sync date should be the current day not the previous day [11083]