Version History

mSupply v7.11 (2023-12-22)

New features

For All

  • Allow prescribing repeats across all stores [13317]
  • Sync patient history for all visible patients [13316]


For All

  • API login better timeout feedback and reduce the locked period to 2 minutes [13201]
  • mSupply Dashboard OAuth redirect to a configurable URL [13439]
  • Disallow adding invoice lines to a customer invoice if the stock line was received after the invoice date (and disallow setting confirm date prior to stock receive date for any line) [13714]
  • Asset import in remote site: Skip asset record if asset settings don’t exist [13817]’
  • Be able to put an item line on hold in stocktake [13848]
  • Tender: Additional fields “conditions” and “comment” on the tender import sheet and the export excel sheet [13976]

Timor Leste

  • Added ‘Location’ & ‘Unit’ fields in the stocktake line report [14006]


  • Nigeria – UNFPA /MOH – Include ‘Adjustment reason’ in ‘Inventory Adjustment – Net movement’ [14043]
  • Nigeria [Ogun State Family Planning Store] customer invoice custom report [13986]


  • Angola: Small changes on “Guia de Remessa” (Packing Slip) printout [13920]


  • PNG – Prevent pack size from being altered when adding stock to stocktake and inventory adjustment [13923]


  • Improvements on packing list report [13966]
  • Modification on waybill packing list CMS report [13978]

Bug fixes

  • NHLMIS Integration: Error while trying to fetch value with default value in `since` parameter [14026]
  • NHLMIS Integration: Runtime Error while sending stock [13981]
  • Phased Stocktakes: The counted number of packs still wouldn’t update to the column according to the entry [14046]
  • Phased Stocktake: Runtime Error during deleting the stocktake lines [14022]
  • A new json log file is not created and the file size becomes too big [14037]
  • Quote line date created field not set properly [13983]
  • Report > Quotation Summary… Filter the report by quote line date created [13982]
  • “Total Value” field is showing zero in the expiring items report [13970]
  • Haiti can still create new customer invoices without requisition by duplicate method [13965]
  • You shouldn’t be able to push data to DirectUs from remote site single user [13964]
  • Create a scheduler for support DB directus for new DB [13959]
  • “Supplier Item Code” Does not populate on Tender Lines with supplier response excel report [13952]
  • Runtime Error when you try to delete the backorder in the patients [13930]
  • No alert for new internal orders in read-only store [13927]
  • Editing stock take line creates erroneous spam in logs [13912]
  • Duplicate users can be duplicated by adding extra of spaces [13904]

For internal use

  • Allows merge records to be sync out to sync v5 sites. [12669]
  • UI to manage omSupply programs permissions [13821]
  • Configuration UI for om_document_registry [13944]

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