Version History

mSupply v7.01 (2023-02-01)

New features

For everyone

  • Add version number to client login window [12142]

For Myanmar

  • Myanmar : Show `Doses` column in customer invoice [12085]
  • Myanmar : In trans line record, user should be able to specify VVM Status when receiving items [12084]
  • Myanmar : Add store preference “Able to specify VVM status when receiving items” [12083]

For Angola

  • Allow creating a customer credit from a customer invoice (in the same way you can do for supplier invoices) [12008]
  • Add a new user permission “Allow adding an unordered item to a Goods Received Note” [12007]
  • Requisitions report in Portuguese (Report 7 – based on standard) [12164]


  • Edits to PNG PO printout format [11360]

For Haiti

  • Hide snapshot quantity columns and fields for stocktakes [12184]


For Myanmar

  • Myanmar: Expose Item ledger custom report for Zenith [12238]

For everyone

  • In item stock line details>Status tab, replace the list to use the `vaccine_vial_monitor_status_log` [12086]
  • Portuguese strings updates + missing new translations [12077]
  • Remove `useStartTimeForTiming` from the standard scheduler JSON [12046]
  • Add incotem and units to Health Supply Hub Integration [11769]

Bug Fixes

  • Cold chain: Unable to set up Cold Chain Standalone for remote sites [12240]
  • Sync switch on/off appears to stop generation of sync records, not just stop syncing [12187]
  • Haiti: Pallet label selection problem [12168]
  • Suggested pack acceptance report showing wrong value in “accepted” column [12150]
  • Aggregator: monthlyDOS is wrong [12133]
  • When issuing stock using the magic button the data from the stock custom field doesn’t follow to the trans_lines [12082]
  • Aggregator: Duplicate records in stockHistory [12079]
  • NHLMIS Integration: Fetching does not respect the checkbox to register scheduler [12053]
  • Use Xliff resources for portugese [12044]
  • C/S store input resync patients super slow [12006]
  • C/S site export super slow [12005]
  • Stocktake lines are not renumbered after deleting a stocktake line [11966]
  • Internal Requisition: Finalising the requisition even without reason in IC [11953]
  • Fix alignment problems in user permissions tabs for Windows [11878]
  • When printing barcode labels, we print 4 characters for empty expiry date instead of 6 [11874]
  • Merge items: item _store_join record handling needs to be improved [11413]
  • On a remote datafile, active store stock tab button labels from the item input form are greyed out even if the buttons are enabled while [11314]
  • Click on the stock list “Print barcode labels” button on the stock line list change the lines order [11307]
  • Item Usage Forecasting appears to be “True” as field [item_store_join]forecast_method is set to zero [11016]
  • Portuguese missing translations [10894]

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