Version History

mSupply v7.00 (2022-12-22)

New features

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For Niger

  • Niger: Suggested boxing function required [11397]
  • Niger: Suggested pack acceptance report [11784]
  • Niger: Suggested boxing printout [11783]

For Nigeria

  • Nigeria: NHLMIS integration – fetching and sending records [11658]

For Haiti

  • Haiti: Pallet label needs to be printed out from the Item details stock tab [11886]


  • Haiti: Stocktake report: add footer printing notes – counter, verifier and date [11785]
  • Haiti: Downsize the box labels to a smaller size (6 inches long by 4 inches wide) [11708]
  • Haiti: Haiti Stock Comparison Report to add the total for values and ordering by location [11787]
  • Nigeria DRF: New customer invoices required for Zamfara [11727]
  • Myanmar-Zenith: Store quarterly report does not show the reported data [11689]
  • Supplier Tenders: Create log entry when the ender is uploaded to the web module [9457]
  • Log all the significant changes for store record [7478]

Bug fixes

  • Haiti: Scheduled report scheduler executing infinitely [11790]
  • Haiti: Fixing cut-off order status column of Haiti order fulfilment report in pdf [11788]
  • Haiti: Make the POD custom data label field bigger and the POD check field needs to appear only if the bon d’expedition has been printed [11745]
  • Barcode: When you remove a barcode from an supplier invoice line, it resets the pack size to zero [11071]
  • Barcode: Stock take run time error when reading different barcode [10861]
  • Barcode: Can make barcode manufacturer mismatch item line manufacturer [7184]
  • Program response requisition overlapping UI [11809]
  • Program internal requisition: Emergency order is not checking max lines in program [11960]
  • Program response requisition: Regimen or HIV are not cleared when cancelling or finalising a requisition [10990]
  • Show an alert when an import file is open while trying to import [11606]
  • Cannot set default currency to an existing currency [11126]
  • If a prescriber doesn’t exist, the down arrow on a prescription shows some random one [10815]
  • Clicking OK&Next in master list retains the search filter on the new window [10775]
  • Log stocktake line when the change is done in the listbox [10757]
  • Log is not created in the remote site when supplier invoice created [11957]
  • Clicking consolidate button from the item input -> stock tab, generates a runtime error [11888]
  • Supplier category: Have mSupply logo on the window [11881]
  • Customer invoices generated from mobile supplier requisition set invoice status to finalise automatically [11758]
  • Client/Server: Slow when viewing items [11991]
  • Client/Server: Slow when opening store list [11989]
  • Client/Server: Slow when viewing logs list [11995]
  • Site creation optimisation [11936]
  • Store/site cache optimisation [11918]
  • Name: Changing store visibility taking a long time to finish [11929]

For internal use

  • Sync v5 API [9148]
  • Convert to 4Dv19 R6 H2 [11712]
  • Sync queue inspector pagination [11974]
  • Record browser goto record option [11735]
  • Hide/remove the site wizard [11684]
  • [Number] table removed from sync [11778]
  • Auto upgraders for v603 does not work [11544]
  • mSupply version number not getting pulled from mSupply Mobile [10981]