Version History

mSupply v7.13 (2024-03-27)


For All

  • Rename “Supplier Hub” to “mSupply Link” everywhere [14410]
  • Tamanu integration pull patient feed. Add pagination when getting the patient records [13072]
  • Move patient, prescriber, and name store visibility controls to the central server
  • Move store create/edit/delete and store visibility controls to the central se [13786]\
  • List in custom fields save the actual value rather than the index [14378]
  • Custom data sync from praimary to remote sites [14452]
  • Phase stocktake: alert when item location is different than stocktake count reference location [14205]
  • Phase stocktake: refresh sort order [14264]
  • Add PO category, PO ref, requested delivery date and PO cost after discount columns for purchase order list standard report [14424]
  • Automatically fill in longitudes and latitudes from google map coordinates [14348]
  • Replaced aggregator usage and use the new way of calculation `itemGetStockOnDate` to get SOH [14344]
  • Document registry settings can be viewed at the special menu [14328]
  • Names import and export, Add X and Y coordinates [14281]
  • Currency changes log [14228]
  • Tax rate new field for transactions [10118]
  • Add notification by email when DHIS2 integrations fail [9951]


  • Balance budget report printing update [14419]


  • Transaction by item total volume column should display values upto 4 decimal place [14394]
  • Liberia WFP New Stocktake Sheet Report [14386]
  • Transaction by item report WFp stock in report, add category column [14374]
  • Transaction by item report, add article ID column [14373]
  • Add item_category3 description to be displayed under “Dangerous Goods” column in various transaction reports [14070]


  • Angola WMS: Temporarily disable OpenLMIS Orders integration [13830]


  • Kano issue voucher custom report, show total amount and tax invoice total. [14493]

Timor Leste

  • Change item visibility in bulk to exclude discontinued items from the report and item search [14354]


  • Internal requisition average monthly consumption, ignore the vaccine consumption [14333]

Bug fixes

  • Supplier item code is editable in a confirmed purchase order [14503]
  • Tax amount is not calculated in the supplier invoice created after finalising the goods received. [14506]
  • Calculated purchase order quantities do not match suggested quantities report numbers [14489]
  • Location list is not updated properly after we add the new location [14437]
  • Item lines don’t get merged in pu, GR and remote authorisations when items are merged [14436]
  • The status of scheduler shows `Does not Exist` when you click them in C/S mode [14430]
  • Sensor table update the `lastConnectionDate` field [14398]
  • Multiple Alerts when you try to delete PO from the PO list [14392]
  • Takes a long time to print the permission report of the user’s group [14380]
  • GR: OK & Next not working from PO GR tab list [14345]
  • Runtime error when importing asset having no any asset property [14336]
  • Importing asset from remote to should sync to cloud [14329]
  • Runtime Error when you open datafile having primary backup in new installer [14310]
  • Unable to cancel a new calculated purchase order [14307]
  • Control + Y (redo) keyboard navigation not working [14293]
  • User Permission Report to include the omSupply Permission [14095]
  • Long delay in printing any report on Windows [14166]
  • Site log: scheduler_saveDailySiteLog takes a long time in PNG server [14217]
  • Runtime Error when you apply stocks from File->Preferences->Dispensary mode with placeholder lines [14225]
  • The “Confirmed” and one of the “Finalised “ or “Completed” filter options are unnecessary in filter in the Internal Order list [13494]
  • Scheduler: the last execution disappears and the scheduler is not triggered [13122]
  • Excessive time taken to merge duplicate patients. [10634]
  • Tender : Tender line with Supplier response report update columns [10307]

For internal use

  • Add hardware ID and computer name to the support email [14415]
  • Alternative server causing SSL error when we rely on Caddy [14413]
  • CCE API stress unit test [14355]
  • Add a unit test of high volumes of temperature logs syncing [14326]
  • Github action to compile and build the mSupply project [14268]
  • Some table FK fields are not indexed properly [6185]

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