Version History

mSupply v7.12 (2024-02-12)

New features

For All

  • Suggested order reports. Add a filter to exclude stock that will expire within x months of projected consumption date [14237]
  • Monthly stock & consumption history report [13316]
  • Stock history function that can be called by quantification methods and an excel report for an unlimited time span [13785]

South Sudan

  • DHIS2 Integration for South Sudan [13974]


For All

  • Store custom field entry and validation enhancement [14183]
  • Phased stocktake improvements, added hold and adjustment reasons [13926]
  • Create a log for each transaction line record creation and modification [10382]
  • Improve universal codes search [14184]
  • Remote search should be able to get prescription history and repeats [13787]


  • WFP Liberia New Verification Report [14299]


  • GHLI Delivery Note Item Weight value and total weight calculation not populating any value [14296]


  • Myanmar vial wastage report updates [14109]

Sierra Leone

  • Sierra Leone [Volume & Weight] information to be displayed on supplier invoice custom report [14085]

Ivory Coast

  • Request requisition: always show the usage list box [13495]

Bug fixes

  • Myanmar zenith: Failed to sync transaction category for stocktake from the mobile to the cloud server [14054]
  • Haiti: phased stocktakes count sheet should show all location related to stocktake [14111]
  • Myanmar: Fixed negative stock on hand in item ledger report. [14288]
  • Internal order and master list to support the decimal values [14077]
  • Can get stuck with only supervisor store on central server [12263]
  • Issue with warning label text for prescription history [14186]
  • ABC analysis report ‘Export to Excel’ missing headers and percentage [14143]
  • The requisition ID is 0 customer requisition window and the window is not editable in ‘sg’ mode [14090]
  • Integrations may erroneously run on primary site in a mirror sync system [14002]
  • Disallow adding special characters to “custom name” when adding a new custom report. [13993]
  • Cannot change ‘active’ status of user groups [13990]
  • Ad hoc items window bugs [13988]
  • Wrong information on the progress bar while importing names [13622]
  • Wrong store visibility permissions applied when editing a store name [10314]
  • Text overlapped in purchase order window [14305]
  • Set the currency format for ‘Total on PO’ column in Tender [14298]
  • Store visibility issue: In names, patients and prescribers [14232]
  • mSupply to update the last sync even when data is not exchanged. [14116]

For internal use

  • Authorisation web app for decimal quantity support [14265]
  • New way of calculating SOH and consumption for the day, replacing aggregator [13316]
  • Add timeoutRemaining in response object when account is blocked [14202]
  • Add comment field to temperature breach [14122]

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