Version History

mSupply v7.05 (2023-05-25)

New features

For All

  • Allow finalising multiple purchase orders/requisitions at a time [10429]
  • Integrate QTags with mSupply [12331]

For Myanmar

  • Myanmar: EPI LMIS-03 report [12735]
  • Myanmar: Supplier invoice new columns [12728]

For Angola

  • SIGLOFA integration preference [12363]
  • SIGLOFA Integration: Allow requisitions to be received in mSupply central warehouse [12364]


For All

  • Sync Tenders [12538]
  • Tender Evaluation report move purchaser comment [12769]
  • Remove default closing date for new tenders [12839]
  • Show additional columns in remote authorisation web app [12981]
  • mSupply’s Postgres plugin working via a LAN [13323]
  • Expose a support admin window for none dev support staff. [13184]

For Zanzibar

  • Open up Vesalius API for other users [12493]

For Ivory Coast

  • Ivory Coast: HIV indicators to be pre-calculated and show detailed indicators data per facility [12712]

For Cook Islands

  • Cook Islands: Add comment column in the Pickslip [12677]

For Colombia

  • Colombia: Make manufacturer field mandatory for Supplier Invoices / Positive Inv Adjustments [12390]

For Niue

  • PO template for Niue [11582]

Fiji Aspen

  • Fiji Aspen Purchases by Suppliers report [13043]
  • Fiji Aspen Inventory Movement Report [13042]

Bug fixes

  • PNG: Fix PNG purchase order report [12923]
  • Myanmar: order date on request order is disabled for non-program requisition [12845]
  • Slowness when creating program requisition [12910]
  • Saving user is slow [12414]
  • Master lists: tags are broken [12885]
  • You can create empty sites with empty site code [12881]
  • When changing a supplier’s freightfac, doesn’t update quotes if the price was 0 [12880]
  • Remove default closing date for new tenders [12839]
  • You can create duplicate items with duplicate item code [12828]
  • Wrong alert message when you try to add multiple duplicate suppliers. [12797]
  • You can still finalise the tender without the tender lines [12796]
  • Scheduler: parameter is not deleted if we try to delete the last one [12777]
  • Store tags are editable from offline site [12775]
  • API headers are not case insensitive [12773]
  • In Item > ledger trans_lines are not always ordered properly in terms of the balance column [12760]
  • You can finalise the tender without the tender lines (creates junk list of tenders) [12689]
  • Stock on date report > Show batches by summary reporting glitch [12665]
  • Clicking item detail button in the tender line window opens the item details in the back [12651]
  • Leading 0 of item codes are removed from the tender supplier response spreadsheet [12641]
  • Some data are missing in the tender supplier response spreadsheet [12639]
  • You can create, upload, and download the tender with the empty description [12585]
  • The name of the Authorises missing on the authorisation page [12539]
  • Missing currency ID in transaction supplier credit report [10907]
  • Tender: Adding a new tender doesn’t refresh and updated the list [10349]
  • Fix up log/journal file dialogue message [10129]
  • In the manage Saved reports window, filtering and then removing the filter reset the initial query to all saved reports instead of the initial query of ones done only by the current user. [9636]
  • Site log: no site log is created in syncv5 [13031]
  • Site log: no site log record was created when closing the server and force running the dashboard export scheduler [13045]
  • Clicking delete from budget window > runtime error [12989]
  • Update JS node [12977]

For internal use

  • SuperReport Pro v4.6 upgrade [12785]

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