Version History

mSupply v7.09 (2023-10-20)

New features

For All

  • Tender: Ability to import and export tender lines [13572]
  • Support DB Integration [13453]


  • Myanmar CHAI: Requisition recording open and closed vial wastage. [13641]
  • Myanmar CHAI: Requisition printing EPI Wastage report [13746]


For All

  • Import stock: Added manufacturer column [13692]
  • Dashboard export: Automatic support email when error is caught in the aggregator procedure [13696]
  • Dashboard: URL routing mSupply and Dashboard are hosted on different servers [13683]
  • Changed mSupply desktop font for Windows to “Lucida Sans Unicode” [12857]


  • Setting mobile transaction category from comment functionality [13756]
  • EPILMIS03 report signature footer update [13770]


  • Reconciliation information can be entered on customer invoices once finalised [13761]


  • Portuguese translations [13560]


  • Afiat Report: Waybill reports to have store names rather than organisation name [13735]

Bug fixes

  • Palau: New dispensing label – fixed missing info [13781]
  • Tender ‘Find’ Functionality Not Working [13738]
  • Fixed user permission inconsistency in ‘View permission’ when viewing transactions [13734]
  • Filter legacy sync prefs from non-sync v1 sites [13706]
  • Transaction report: Inventory adjustment – Net movement option does not work [13691]
  • Certain user/group permissions do not paste from store to store [13671]
  • You cannot see the full log details in the stocktake sheet if you change every field [13666]
  • Fix unnecessary queuing of all patient records from the central server to itself [13539]
  • Sync out records created for site ID 1 on the central server [11807]
  • You can still assign the same HSH code to the multiple organisation when you change the roles [13591]
  • Haiti: Unboxing the items in the customer invoice will not increase the number of boxes available [13598]
  • Angola: The item code in the reports should be a minimum of 12 characters [13636]
  • Remove ‘View Stocktake Line’ from user permission as it is not used anywhere [13723]

For internal use

  • Use notary tool for mSupply mac build [13653]
  • Footrunner code to replace name codes [13670]
  • Update remote authorisation app [13762]
  • open mSupply permission for cold chain API [13764]

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