Version History

mSupply v7.06 (2023-07-05)

New features

For All

  • Notification for “pending” stocktakes [13120]


  • Nigeria NHLMIS integration: Program and donor in requisitions [12783]
  • Nigeria NHLMIS integration: Send shipments [12751]
  • Nigeria NHLMIS integration: Synchronise items and customers [12748]

Fiji Aspen

  • Fiji Aspen : Dispensing label for imprest stock issued/Customer invoices. [12921]
  • Fiji Aspen : Dispensary label for in-patient and outpatient. [12920]


For All

  • Master lists interface update to show the date created and created by [13132]
  • Search bar for name tags list box [12984]
  • Store list box: Added customise fields button [8326]
  • Cross reference and service item: Added the tab for store and masterlist [12912]
  • Currencies can be viewed on remote sites [12733]
  • Allow multiple deletions of misc labels [13036]
  • Stock in a location with a priority of 0 should be listed last [7249]
  • Total sum of site records should be shown when filtered. [13073]
  • Store pref to allow mSupply Cold Chain user credential to be controlled in the central server [13203]
  • Stocktake display custom stock fields [13320]
  • Goods receipts show custom stock fields [13457]
  • Patient prescription notes report [13335]
  • Prescriptions by patient type report [13382]


  • Removing donor column from ledger report [13139]
  • Nigeria NHLMIS integration: Improvement to existing functionality [12782]

Health Supply Hub

  • HSH: Allow re-downloading quotes [12976]
  • Refined updating of tenders when updating currencies [12892]


  • Haiti: Customisation tweaks for process improvements [12837]


  • Reports improvements [13023]
  • Push customer invoice to SIGLOFA from previously received requisitions [12365]

Timor Leste

  • Custom ordered item report: Added new columns “number contract” and “reference” column [12937]

Myanmar Zenith

  • Mayanmar Zenith mobile stocktakes: Category of mobile inventory adjustments created from mobile stocktakes to be automatically set [13128]


  • Kiribati mobile store preference to set more mandatory fields for patients [13386]

Bug fixes

  • Tender evaluation report shows the total invited suppliers rather than the total responded [13202]
  • Tender closing date is incorrect if tender closing time is over 24:00 [13169]
  • Tender finalisation doesn’t work after confirming [13222]
  • ‘View on HSH’ button does not open the published tender [13174]
  • The closing date will not be saved, after you have uploaded the tender to the HSH [13090]
  • Master list tag not working [13240]
  • Scheduler: status does not change when it’s disabled and shows ‘Does not exist’ after abort [13228]
  • Supplier response template only has DDL currency and manufacturer for the first row [13167]
  • Insurance – expiry date is not saved [13059]
  • Cannot turn on the central sync server/start web server pref in compiled [13016]
  • Temperature logs do not work according to the filter [12854]
  • Transaction report store filter: Store selection is not working in supervisor mode [12644]
  • Patient form: No stores showing in the store visibility tab [12532]
  • Haiti: printing pallet labels from the item stock window doesn’t ignore disabled reports [12491]
  • Creating new datafile > default item has name store join missing [12152]
  • Can save a patient note without specifying an event type [12002]
  • Notes (comments) can be edited on read-only prescriptions [10820]
  • Abbreviation field not working on store mode [13206]
  • Can edit custom stock field on finalised supplier invoice [12960]
  • Prescription shortcut key set to Ctrl+R [13334]

For internal use

  • Allow HTTP keep-alive on requests [13186]

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