Version History

mSupply v7.02 (2023-03-01)

New features

For Myanmar

  • Myanmar : EPI LMIS – 08 report [12224]
  • Myanmar : EPI LMIS – 07 report [12223]


  • PNG – Prevent pack size from being altered when Receiving Supplies off a PO [12221]
  • PNG – Prevent editing the Pack Size when creating POs [12220]

For Ivory Coast

  • NEXF006 – Allow dispensing per program [12307]
  • Can add an insurance policy to an existing or new patient [12001]


For everyone

  • Avoid delay when opening a name and item [12398]
  • Stock export: Make export match import [12319]
  • Adding a new item: Add a progress dialog when adding the item to the masterlist [11977]
  • Improve usage of item_line.vvm_status [12298]
  • VVM: Controlling issues/receive using VVM status log
  • Added some french translations [12289]
  • Portuguese translation fixing spaces [12350]
  • Add Tetum as an option for user language [12353]

Bug Fixes

  • Haiti: Can’t finalise a customer credit [12412]
  • Haiti: Customer invoice: Two print buttons on the transport details tab have the wrong tooltips. [12408]
  • Runtime error when filtering tender [12420]
  • Supplier invoice: Quan per inner and Inners per Outer should not be related [12394]
  • remove old PNG customisation code and create a new one for the new customisation work [12376]
  • Improve usage of item_line.vvm_status [12298]
  • Sync on remote sites stops after a single error [12270]
  • Cold chain: Unable to use dashboard or telegram alerts for remote sites [12241]
  • Adding a quote through the quotes tab of the item input form doesn’t create sync_out records [10966]
  • Creating a new sync data file through sync doesn’t work [8204]
  • Ghost users taking up concurrent licenses on servers [2222]
  • Issuing stock using the issue placeholders button should sort by the same rules as issuing stock manually [12213]
  • Current stock report not being generated/printed in donor tracking format [Stock_by_donor] [12318]
  • Demo mobile activation failing [12336]
  • Print options header edits appear on report [12375]

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