Version History

mSupply v7.08 (2023-09-22)

New features

For All

  • Log every stock expiry date changes [13599]
  • Item Usage and Suggested Order Quantity reports: Includes the items with no transactions [13588]
  • New user permission: View patient permission [13592]
  • Setting to turn on and off cold chain breach alerts on desktop [13384]


  • New Palau dispensing label [13573]


For All

  • Item Usage and Suggested Order Quantity reports: Includes the items with no transactions [13588]
  • JSON log setting in File > pref: Option to choose JSON path folder and option to set the maximum JSON log size [12599]
  • Requisition lists search for the “last 30 days” of records as a default filter [13606]
  • Able to choose a universal code when adding a new item [13434]
  • Added search in Prescriber list [13356]
  • Added search in Name – Item list tab [13630]
  • Added search in Report management – Item list tab [13630]
  • An alert should be shown when in a stocktake you scan a barcode that doesn’t belong to any item [11873]


  • Myanmar: AMC calculation for internal orders must ignore customer invoice “Vaccine campaign” category [13576]


  • Zanzibar API access to see all customer invoices for a store [13282]
  • Custom reports: Customer invoice custom reports alignment changes [13601]

Timor Leste

  • Slow Movers Report to include batch and expired column [13631]
  • Update item departments for items [13596]

Bug fixes

  • Duplicate currency exchange rates in Tender Evaluation Report [13464]
  • Items can be added to an internal order after the internal order is finalised from the print button [13663]
  • Repetitive sync_count records on the logs [13639]
  • Wrong tender closing date format causes the dashboard export error [13584]
  • Avoid inactivity of client kills when doing site export process [13508]
  • mSupply desktop update formatted app-version header [13499]
  • Fixed item usage and suggested order report `months cover` and `monthly usage` column discrepancies [13443]
  • Strange behavior when the boxing feature suggests using more than one box [13438]
  • Custom fields are hidden when you create a new stocktake [13627]
  • Improve sync logs to show site ID or username [13621]
  • Cook Islands – fixed Clinical Interventions Report ‘There are no data to report on’ [13619]
  • The sync out records are created on a new data file, even if there are no remote sites [13419]
  • You can assign the same HSH code to multiple organizations (suppliers/manufactures) [13400]

For internal use

  • Dashboard export: option to include to name_store_join table [13355]

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