Version History

mSupply v7.10 (2023-11-27)

New features


  • New stocktake functionality (phased stocktakes)
  • Print in progress count sheet from phased stocktake [13799]
  • Print count sheet from phased stocktake [13798]

WFP Liberia

  • New transaction report (stock out) [13829]
  • New transaction report (stock in) [13689]
  • New stock on date report [13688]
  • New current stock report [13687]


For All

  • Good receipt add from purchase order button should add all lines immediately [13852]
  • Tenders should not be able to add stores as suppliers [13850]
  • Good receipt: Show tender reference in finding purchase order [13847]

WFP Liberia

  • Print form changes for supplier invoice, picking slip and customer invoices [13829]


  • Angola Stocktake report: The Quantidade column doesn’t shows the the values in decimal [13883]
  • Angola Missing translations and UI improvements [13842]


  • Myanmar > EPI -07 report > order by line number ascending [13879]

South Sudan

  • Stock summary report update [13934]

Bug fixes

  • Tender line input form default button should be OK&Next [13851]
  • Good receipt consignment report should show no date rather than 00/00/00 [13849]
  • Inconsistency decimal values between Purchase order, Goods receipt, and supplier invoice [13888]
  • Import of existing store names should update the store’s name details. [13874]
  • Exporting primary site in mirror sync should not be allowed [13876]
  • Tender lines with supplier responses show only one offer [13858]
  • Runtime Error when you try to change the filter in the replenishment window [13843]
  • Dispensary label doesn’t print instructions if it’s too long and if the font size is set to “auto” [13790]
  • Manually set confirm date is missing in supplier invoice after editing trans line [13772]

For internal use

  • Soft delete for master list [13644]
  • “mSupply Support” can login to omSupply [13913]
  • New columns for omSupply cold chain [13853]
  • Footrunner to make all patient records invisible [13789]
  • All logged errors should be sent via email at the end of “postgresPostExport” [13775]

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