Version History

mSupply v6.04 (2022-09-14)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

For everyone

  • Supervisor mode: Add store selection feature to 7 report forms [10845]
  • Add a “Balance” column to the Item Ledger window [11193]
  • Utility method to duplicate store and its related data [10955]
  • Update build info in build.xml to track the mSupply version [10510]

For Haiti

  • Haiti: Remove the metres cubed to litres auto conversion on the mSupply volume input field (7.9, 14PC) [11370]
  • Haiti: new waybill/Bon d’expédition [11277]
  • Haiti: Requisition status report (WMS18) [11275]
  • Haiti: Stock Comparison Report (WMS15) [11274]
  • Haiti: Dispatch report (WMS10) [11273]
  • Haiti: Dispatch Report (WMS9) [11272]
  • Haiti: Access and Authorization Process Sequence (8PC) [11268]
  • Haiti: Capture and Closing of Proof of Delivery (5PC) [11267]
  • Haiti: Put away report (Document/Label 3)(14) [11258]
  • Haiti: Goods received note report (14) [11257]
  • Haiti: DTT app integration and adding QR code waybill (10PC) [11269]

For Colombia

  • Colombia: PAIWEB interface (mSupply receiving from PAIWEB) [10842]
  • Colombia: PAIWEB interface (mSupply sending to PAIWEB) [10821]


  • Standardise keyboard shortcuts for requisitions [11260]
  • Customer Invoice: Replace ‘Goods received ID’ with Requisition link in the UI [11238]
  • Make Transactions > Totals for each item – net inventory adjustment report suitable for Supervisor Mode + other issues [6313]

Bug fixes

  • Email sending broken after mail server migration [11456]
  • Item slow movers report excel checkbox is cut off [11433]
  • Can’t set the primary server to use JS Node through the UI [11406]
  • Remove spaces before colons in our translation strings [11402]
  • Wrong site_log record is created when the primary site shut down [11315]
  • When viewing the stock detail, long supplier name spills over the outer pack field [11306]
  • Goods Receipt: Cannot edit volume field after clicking outside line [11239]
  • Notification window does not appear when user is a member of a user group [11236]
  • Runtime error when the Backup.4DSettings xml file is not formatted properly [11167]
  • Cannot change default printer [11007]
  • Error is thrown when changing a user name or deleting a user [11004]
  • Issue upgrading to minor version in installers [10999]