Version History

mSupply v7.04 (2023-04-12)

New features

For All

  • HL7 integration – Automatically pull patients from HL7 [12551]
  • HL7 integration – Handle patient merge [12551]
  • Ability to Duplicate Tenders [12924]


  • PNG: Multi-store ‘Distribution Plan’ PO printout [12219]

For Ivory Coast

  • Ivory Coast: Regimen data to be pre-calculated and show the detailed regimen data per facility [12576]


For All

  • Dashboard export: On the version upgrade, fully exported tables if the fields are changed [12325]
  • Dashboard export: Able to specify which log which can be exported to the dashboard [12128]
  • Added Store pref: “Keep requisition lines with zero requested quantity on finalise” [12273]
  • Added search bar to the misc labels window [11923]
  • Site log view added to site window [11740]
  • Replenishment type added to location selection window [7242]
  • Add “Unit” Column in the Suggested Order Quantity report [12588]
  • Health Supply Hub: HSH link button in Tender [12451]
  • Tender Evaluation Excel report improvements [12883]

For Ivory Coast

  • Ivory Coast: Added the `adjustment` column in the request requisition usage list [12435]
  • Ivory Coast: Keep request requisition lines with zero requested quantity on finalise if store pref is ON [12274]
  • Ivory Coast ESIGL: Lock the period for requisition emergency orders – only show the current date period [12126]


  • Fiji Report: New “All Supplier Responses” format for HSH [12422]

For Myanmar

  • Myanmar CHAI: EPI 07 & 08 LMIS report changes [12404]
  • Myanmar: EPI LMIS – 08 report to print in Supplier Invoice [12726]
  • Myanmar: EPI LMIS – 07 report to print in Supplier Invoice [12725]

For Angola

  • Angola: Guia de Receção (Report 3) should be group by location [13003]
  • Angola: Blank report for Mapa de Referência [13001]
  • Angola: Purchase order add minimum expiry date [12985]
  • Angola: Improved user permission “Allow adding an unordered item to a Goods Received note” and change the logic [12992]

For Nauru

  • Nauru : Patient prescription report with name, address, Date of birth [12867]

Bug fixes

  • Ivory Coast: Items from different master lists can be added to the same prescription even with a particular Program DDL selected [12425]
  • PNG Supervisor mode PO report – fix Supplier Code values [12427]
  • PNG PO report – fix Item code column width [12426]
  • Liberia Supplier put-away confirmation report error while printing [12672]
  • Indicator value: map the correct facility ID for the indicator value [12652]
  • Axios one network: message trigger error affecting sync out [12703]
  • Store data can fail to sync in some circumstances [12693]
  • Cannot view log details in requisition form [12542]
  • Response requisitions: “Supply this invoice” and “Remaining to supply” not updating properly [12369]
  • Barcode: Barcode is not showing properly in the stock window [12039]
  • Allows stock of items that are not on a master list to appear in a store [12452]
  • sync v5 runtime error receiving patient `[name]` records from omSupply [12483]
  • Items line sorting is not correct for backorder [12424]
  • Fixed ledger problem [12345]
  • Report > Items and stock > Items out of stock report not including items that it should include when filtering by a masterlist [12332]
  • JSON log to includes HTTP body in JSON log [12269]
  • Supplier HSH details missing on remote after upgrade – sync facilities on 704 upgrade [12695]
  • HSH quote download on remote can generate suppliers. They do not sync. [12679]
  • HSH: large quotes missing lines [12537]
  • HSH: mSupply will not upload the Item units entered during tender creation [12632]
  • HSH: Should not upload tender lines with 0 requested packs [12338]
  • HSH: Nested loading bar for downloading quote lines [12431]
  • HSH: Prevent associating “customer” names with HSH integration [12351]
  • HSH: Update tender fields when downloading quotes [12975]
  • HSH: Cannot download quote even it passed the closing date and time [12848]
  • HSH tender upload cannot be reattempted when failed [12851]
  • Non-whole numbers should not be allowed in mSupply Tenders [12895]
  • Should not be able to edit tender item units, or upload with no units. [12860]
  • mSupply should not automatically publish the tender uploaded to HSH [12852]
  • Update mSupply supplier tender template with new fields [12787]
  • The button to download quotes should only be enabled past the closing date [12515]
  • Alert if the tender is not closed when trying to download quotes [12469]
  • Customer invoice: can return Placeholder lines [12460]
  • The value of quote line Cost Local/Pack is different in tender line listbox [12730]
  • Sync v5 doesn’t do merged record ID checks [12658]
  • Tenders probably can’t download more than 100 quotes [12626]
  • Tender currency conversion issues [12595]
  • Runtime error while adding a new line on existing customer credit [12534]
  • Run time error while adding service items [12533]
  • Runtime error running tender report “preferred suppliers only” [12646]
  • Clicking find from Name find window is slow [13020]
  • SMTP sending mail broken [12967]
  • Remote authorisation: Approval status is not updated on internal order [12953]
  • Dashboard export: dashboard configuration is not saved [12770]
  • HL7 integration: pulled patients should be visible in the central active dispensary store [12756]

For internal use

  • omSupply: Enforce sync V5 version [12519]
  • Convert to 4Dv19 R8 [12546]
  • Extend omSupply report UI (sub_context and arguments) [12288]
  • New report list columns [12287]
  • om_user_permission sync [12193]
  • Sync document table (programs) [12192]
  • Support omSupply document registry (programs) [12191]
  • open mSupply user permission to send internal order [12952]
  • extend API to exposed item details for SAGE integration [12872]
  • Replace the msupply-bot with github actions [10741]

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