Version History

mSupply v7.14.7 (2024-04-26)


For All

  • Suggested order report: average monthly consumption considering out-of-stock months [14212]
  • UI configuration for DHIS2 push integration [14353]
  • Ability to re-sync data and transactions for existing sites [10315]
  • Complex find option in copy user/group permission to the stores [14530]
  • Prescriber remote search add store visibility [10277]
  • New stocktake report by location [7585]
  • New “last synced date” column in the site export window [6704]
  • Stock take: Custom stock fields (5-8) added to stock take lines add window [14666]


  • Myanmar CHAI: New Item ledger report [14549]
  • Myanmar CHAI: New Stock on date report [14546]


  • Liberia WFP Pick Slip report new category and comment columns [14572]
  • Liberia new stocktake report [14665]
  • Liberia: weight per pack, volume per pack and manufacturer to be added to stocktake lines add window [14668]
  • Liberia: DDL custom stock fields (5-8) need added to stock take lines add window [14666]
  • Liberia: New version of current stock and stock on date reports [14675]

Timor Leste

  • mSupply link: Purchase order alert upon confirmation to delete zero ordered quantity [14654]

Bug fixes

  • User “active” status should be controlled independently [14598]
  • Requisition item name should be retained after merging an item [14635]
  • Stock on date history and suggested order quantities should have the same period basis [14632]
  • Myanmar: Stock report wrong number of days of expiry in report when you check `include items with no stock` and wrong months of stocks` [14600]
  • Processing repeat from the original store shouldn’t say repeat was created in another store in the warning message [14599]
  • Pref>DTT app configuration not showing in the UI [14561]
  • Akesis axios : Invalid batch manufacture date on report after you change the system date format. [14528]
  • Missing user info in the audit report (log/ ledger report) when the expiry date of the item is changed [14521]
  • mSupply Link: Runtime Error when you create calculated PO from different store [14519]
  • Different search results for patients of between patients of open mSupply site and patients of other remote sites [14515]
  • The open mSupply permissions tab does not show when you first create a user [14491]
  • In prescription history, the default filter `All` not working as expected [14474]
  • Label printer settings checking [14372]
  • Choosing a location in the temperature logs window improved the location filter [12567]

For internal use

  • Open mSupply central server configurations in site form [14415]
  • Add Pref>options return reason for inventory adjustments [14505]
  • Stock take line new `item_name` field [14624]

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