Version History

mSupply v7.07 (2023-08-15)

New features

For All

  • Site list show last sync date and time [10579]
  • User interface to set prescriber store visibility [12610]

Afghanistan AFIAT

  • Afghanistan AFIAT: Actual consumption report [13333]
  • Afghanistan AFIAT: Capture Consumption information on requisition [13331]


For All

  • Site export should have better progress indication [13318]
  • Log entry for the user that created invoices from requisitions (requisitions created from internal orders) [13287]
  • Send through an automated email to support if the Tamanu integration fails [13268]
  • Item ledger report with donor filter includes transactions that are not donor stock [13196]
  • Dashboard export: Extra step and notes before doing full export 13055]
  • HSH filtering to improve adding suppliers to tenders [12581]
  • Alert before transferring a store that already has a sync site [13378]
  • ‘Show Account’ and ‘Location Type’ details should be view only on the remote sites [13170]
  • In master list form, add the info for the number of items in the list [13121]
  • Display custom stock fields in “Stock” window [13455]


  • Add a column to the Niger POD report to show the quantities of a trans_line that has been credited and remove that quantity for the quantity_OK column [13422]


  • Legacy import: There was an issue while creating invad and also while issuing from invad [13496]
  • Channel import: Myanmar wants new ways of importing CI in their existing datafile [13377]
  • EPILMIS-03 report > Part C > Full Stock Availability improvement [13624]

Cook Islands

  • In the prescription form, add the phone number after the name [13524]
  • Custom report for prescription_by_patient_type_report [13461]


  • Translations update [13545]
  • Added header/footer to all custom reports [13544]
  • Angola: Guia De Remessa should group items by ‘Program’ (custom Stock field 5) instead of Location [13583]

Timor Leste

  • DHIS2 schema changes [13593]

Bug fixes

  • Received in Full and good condition checkbox should not show for customer credits [13446]
  • In the item received window, french translations for qty per inner and inners per outer are confusing [13420]
  • Runtime error when running Patient Prescriber report [13383]
  • When deleting name, runtime error checking for donor linked records [13365]
  • The tender list is blank after you made a new tender [13340]
  • HSH upload/download interrupted by mSupply client inactivity timeout [13319]
  • Supplier missing on item line gets updated only after opening and closing the stock take. [13310]
  • Name > Store visibility: ‘All on’ button should apply only to filtered stores [13223]
  • Runtime error while assigning the new items to the new store [13182]
  • Patients added `/api/v4/name_store_join` do not have documents synced [13175]
  • Record previous hardware ID when it’s reset for a site [13160]
  • OK & Next button does not work on item > ledger [13093]

For internal use

  • omSupply store preference for `Programs` module [13221]
  • Mirror sync setup tools [13527]
  • Update auto-upgrader for patch release [13582]

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