Version History

mSupply v7.15 (2024-06-05)


For All

  • Suggested orders for tenders & purchase orders – take into account days out of stock & low stock [14207]
  • New dispensary label pref setting: Print dispensary label per item line regardless of batch [14688]
  • New `site` field: first sync date [14683]
  • Updated `Days out of stock` to match `Monthly stock & consumption history` report [14681]
  • Alert if the user finalise the good receipt without entering the received quantity [14619]


  • Haiti scheduled stock report CSV formatting update [14774]


  • Samoa: Some items do not have any forecast method which affects the suggested order quantity report [14750]

Bug fixes

  • Bulk edit custom-data doesn’t work [14781]
  • Name tags keep doubling on every click to Name>Tags [14780]
  • Store visibility: “Make invisible according to master list” button not working [14692]
  • ‘You must enter a prescriber before clicking OK’ alert even when a prescriber is entered [14733]
  • Program requisitions created from open mSupply sites have a blank ‘Requisition Date’ in mSupply [14727]
  • Internal orders/supplier requisitions from mobile sites have a blank ‘Requisition Date’ [14710]
  • UI issues and values negative `Weight Per Pack` values in the add stocktake lines window [14707]
  • ‘There is no data’ Error with ‘&’ in the Item Name [14638]
  • Invoice/serial number of -1 remains if the store is moved to the central server [14620]
  • Item line notes don’t carry over to trans_line notes and vice versa [14602]
  • User>Login rights search filter doesn’t reset on different users [14590]
  • Fiji: Item category filter not working for quotation summary report [14558]
  • Multiple alerts when trying to print labels in item build when there is no printer [14396]

For internal use

  • Upgrade code to check the database and email support if there is a transaction without name_ID and item_ID [14787]
  • Pre migrations from desktop, previous ‘sg’ repacks will be deleted [14695]
  • Upgrade code to delete sync-out records where from/to site are the same [14556]

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