Version History

mSupply v6.01 (2022-07-05)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

For Haiti

  • Haiti: new replenishment type report (Deliverable 6.2.1) #10888
  • Haiti: Allocating program to stock from a purchase order (1PC – Deliverable 6.1) #11001
  • Haiti: customised current stock report required (report 2 & 3 – Deliverable No 9.1 + 9.2) #10794
  • Haiti: custom pick list (Deliverable No. 11) #10880

For Colombia

  • Colombia: Extra “Transit status column” required on the transactions list window for customer invoices [10810]
  • Colombia: Custom customer invoice [10809]
  • Colombia: Change “Factura” (invoice) to “Salida” in all outgoing goods places [10808]
  • Colombia: On a customer invoice Doses must be enterable as well as the number of packs for vaccines [10807]
  • Colombia: Save documents on a customer invoice [10806]
  • Colombia: Save documents on a requisition [10805]
  • Colombia: On requisitions, the amount to supply must be no greater than current stock [10798]
  • Colombia: Hide “Customer requested” information on a new requisition [10797]
  • Colombia: Sell price of the stock to be updated when stock received [10796]
  • Colombia: Should not be able to bypass requisition stock-on-hand limit [10963]

For Ivory Coast

  • Ivory Coast: Indicators should be mandatory for finalising a supplier requisition [10628]


For everyone

  • Allow searching in the Abbreviation window [10766]
  • Add tenders and quotes to the sync ecosystem in the same way as purchase orders [10745]

For internal use

  • Sync v5 `central_records` endpoint not handling blobs/pics [10893]
  • Sync v5 Integrate buffer records [10859]
  • Sync v5 web orders [10826]
  • Sync v5 block sync pull until push in integrated [10824]
  • Sync V5 initialisation needs to send “otherParty” records [10900]
  • Site sync version update [10818]
  • Improve usage of `[site]site_type`. [8360]
  • User interface for omSupply’s new report definitions [10546]
  • Assign [number]/[number_reuse]store_ID when mobile sync [10958]
  • Upgrade XL Plugin to v2.0 [10791]

Bug fixes

For everyone

  • Cash receipts should not show in the patient prescriptions tab [10813]
  • Window title is wrong when viewing prescriber from prescription [10812]
  • Multiple logs entry for the creation of a Requisition [10771]
  • Unusable pharmaceutical products sheet Report option windows have a blank title [10763]
  • Changing patient/prescriber home store sometimes fails [10753]
  • Purchase order automatically closes after searching a specific name then hit enter [10705]
  • Web server prefs and start button should be hidden or disabled on single-user [10698]
  • Aggregator: realAMC seems wrong and not used anymore [10590]
  • Quote_line.custom_data : Object is being saved in two different formats [10491]
  • Site export misses some system preferences [9674]
  • Tidy up UI for requisition reference documents [10952]

For Myanmar

  • Myanmar Zenith custom print form, improve font [10837]

For Niger

  • Niger requisitions reports don’t display the store name on compiled [10977]