Version History

mSupply v4.09 (2020-03-02)

New Features

For Côte d’Ivoire

  • Add a column to show Program on the Requisitions and Internal Order lists [5550]
  • Add indicators to customer requisitions [5551]
  • Cash receipt: Côte d’Ivoire need a custom receipt printout [5381]
  • HIV indicators should appear on printed internal order [5537]
  • Requested indicator structure changes [5513]
  • Customer credit: history button window needs batch column [5395]
  • eSIGL export to migrate to using new indicators [5334]
  • Apply a standard official header to SRP reports [5220]
  • Supplier invoice printout: Côte d’Ivoire require a satisfaction rate column [5383]
  • Return from supplier invoice requires reason field [5392]


  • Extend Tupaia DHIS2 push for UNFPA [5225]

For all clients

  • Add server version to the users body/header in auth response [5680]
  • Add currency table to mobile upgrade code for mobileV4.0.0 [5636]
  • Create getStorePreferences method to get a list of available Store Preferences [5479]
  • Sync payment types [5346]
  • Sync dispensary data for mobile [5003]
  • Changes made through record browser aren’t logged [2199]
  • V409 dispensary/patient sync finale [5578]
  • Cash register should be refactored to use payment table [5364]
  • Update all payment type ddls to use the paymentType table [5352]
  • Users should not be able to overpay for a prescription [5314]
  • Sync dispensary related records for mobile [5288]
  • Location sorting when choosing location from items or supplier invoice lines or good receipt window must be sorted by location.code by default. [3187]
  • Internal transfer warning is annoying and redundant [2799]

Bug fixes

For Côte d’Ivoire

  • Translation missing for the insurance policy default values [5615]
  • PPI report – price and unit columns [5553]
  • PPI Report fixes for the Unite and PU (Unit Price) columns [5549]
  • The automatic comment created when creating Inventory adjustments is still in English [5469]
  • Cash register: balance should not go negative [5465]
  • Prescription payment receipt: total amount not calculated correctly for Côte d’Ivoire [5393]
  • PPI report: needs fixing for Côte d’Ivoire [5385]
  • Supplier invoice custom form: Côte d’Ivoire needs header name, unit col, & other changes [5382]
  • Customer invoice printout: needs a units column and programme name for Côte d’Ivoire [5380]
  • Requisitions: the suggested quantity doesn’t match when you create a requisition for a facility at the district and the facility’s own store [5379]
  • Requisition printout: expected and received report numbers fix (CdI) [5377]
  • Stocktake “Inventory adjustments” report needs location column (CdI only) [5374]
  • Master List v407 upgrade bug on CdI cloud datafile [5357]
  • Stocktake: no longer able to add a line with identical details (CdI only) [5344]
  • In supplier invoice window the tooltip of the button to add lines from a requisition is not translated. [5330]
  • Alert warning for invisible items when finalising customer invoice is not translated [5313]
  • Requisitions: AMC and suggested quantity calculation values are not rounded up [5311]
  • Patient search by insurance number missing starting wildcard [5673]
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Custom supplier and customer invoices, some parts still in English [5536]
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Custom cash receipt report, title still in English [5535]
  • Cote d’Ivoire: Custom inventory adjustment report, some parts still in English [5534]
  • French interface: Standard Supp Inv report, some parts still in English [5533]
  • Facture Bordereau de Transactions: customer/supplier details back-to-front [5510]
  • Inventory adjustments: new printout required for Côte d’Ivoire [5384]
  • IC DOS calculation to work correctly over sync in response requisition [5127]
  • Indicator values are not syncing [5174]
  • Duplicate regimen rows on indicator migration [5281]

For all clients

  • Date filters not working on Cash Transaction listbox. [5694]
  • Runtime error when deleting a line from a confirmed prescription [5667]
  • Prescription payment window text is cut-off [5663]
  • Mobile upgrade code commented out [5592]
  • Discrepancy between the request requisition (mobile) and the response requisition [5563]
  • Pricing for customer credits created from supplier credits [5557]
  • Patient search by insurance number is broken [5531]
  • Prescription ‘Amount paid by patient’ field should be autofilled [5526]
  • Cancelling a prescription: the negative amount invoice has the wrong amount outstanding [5508]
  • The Select Location window needs some more translation [5471]
  • Runtime error when changing focus from the ‘Stock Take Qty’ field [5411]
  • Customer credit: adding items using the history button sometimes adds them with the wrong codes [5394]
  • Aggregator’s dataElement stockHistory don’t give accurate stock on date [5390]
  • Customer invoice: Option to distribute over multiple batches is missing sometimes [5378]
  • Requisition printout shows different values to the requisition display [5376]
  • Running Laos ledger report generate runtime Error [5365]
  • Stock take : Adjustment reason not refreshing to blank when stock count and snapshot quantity matches [5355]
  • PNG PO > new changes done merge it into one form [5340]
  • Viewing response requisition created using internal order request – Throws runtime error [5339]
  • Myanmar custom internal order form > failing to show Expiry date on compiled [5326]
  • Stocktake reports: don’t have programme in the header [5294]
  • Summary stocktake report has some information missing [5293]
  • Inline update of entered quantity in Stocktake shows runtime error [5291]
  • Newly added “supply quantity” button still enabled when requisition is supposed to be read only [5272]
  • Supplier invoice > Add items from requisition button clickable [5270]
  • Update code for v407 will fail to run [5253]
  • Cash register should only deal with finalised invoices [5092]
  • should be after insurance discount, not before [5085]
  • `record_display` has an error handler that silences everything throughout mSupply [5078]
  • Overpayment RCs have no trans_lines [4607]
  • Viewing requisition detail via record browser having custom_data values – throws error. [4006]
  • dashboardSyncSiteStatistics throwing array range error [3860]
  • Opening a copy of the same data file on the same machine can mess up sync [3827]
  • Fix the ‘Supply qualities…’ store preference [3723]
  • In customer stock history window, the suggested quantity does not change when the adjusted quantity changes [3692]
  • Location > Input – can choose a parent Location from another store- must restrict DDL to current store [2326]
  • Insurance status button is not correctly enabled/disabled [5554]
  • Customer outstanding balance should show on a customer invoice [5532]
  • Insurance provider form does not correctly resize [5512]
  • Stock take lines quantities shows wrong number [5413]
  • Adding regimen data to master list > program setting > Column Default isn’t typecast [5254]
  • Master List: Reformat columns displayed [5149]
  • Changes to dashboardSyncSiteStatistics for mobile users [5045]
  • Customer requisitions need to show AMC and MOS correctly [4937]
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