Version History

mSupply v4.11 (2020-06-12)

New Features

  • Add vaccine module schema sync updates [6087]
  • Make JSON display of Custom Data nicer in Names (and other?) listboxes [6055]
  • Create a new form for different types of windows: alert, confirm and request [5873]
  • Ability to search by store details in Supervisor mode. [5753]
  • Manual sync button [2210]


  • Myanmar UNOPS: Requisition outstanding items report failed to filter by item name [6190]
  • Migrate historic overpayment values stored in [name]overpayment field [6179]
  • Calculate customer overpayments rather than reading from [name]overpayment field [6178]
  • Refactor to store customer overpayments in the same way as patient credits [6177]
  • Custom General Purchase report Nigeria Kaduna [6161]
  • Streamline dispensary payment forms [6011]
  • Add a method to replace text placeholders and use instead of alert_display() [5893]
  • Store visibility for a new Name should be only to the store in which it has been created – by default [5891]
  • Edit Stores list – add OK & Previous and OK & Next buttons [4510]
  • Fix slowness when searching for supplier invoices in Tonga server [2394]
  • Listbox cells should be edited with double click, not triple [2300]

Bug fixes

  • Run time error: While deleting blank customer credit throws error [6349]
  • Report type requisitions not being exported to Dashboard (Myanmar) [6335]
  • getUnixTime gives incorrect Unix timestamp [6330]
  • Run time error when preference item is not found [6273]
  • mobile preferences in desktop are not clearly labelled [6223]
  • Export Stock for QuanTB doesn’t ignore the disabled store [6222]
  • Customer Invoice Print error using report Summary_portrait_no_logo throwing error [6218]
  • Dispensary store mode is both a field and a preference but not linked [6199]
  • Customer invoice input window freezes [6154]
  • Satellite site import XML shouldn’t receive stores with sync type None [6120]
  • Regimen report fails after data migrated to indicator tables [6111]
  • When issuing or receiving > Deleting invoice Always says to reuse the number [6099]
  • Price category to consider the selling price when issuing is failing [6095]
  • Running Regimen data against the valid reporting data throws runtime error [6082]
  • Creating a CI out from stock history doesn’t select the name on which stock history is made aganist [6062]
  • Response type requisition serial number set to 0 [6061]
  • Creating new request order clicking OK doesn’t open a confirm box in first go [6060]
  • Can issue/receive stock even when name is put on hold. [6058]
  • Can issue/receive stock against new item which isn’t visible. [6057]
  • Prescription Repeats: Deleting the invoice also counts repeats and repeat left math seems wrong [6048]
  • Synchronisation: Sync table search don’t get refreshed. [6043]
  • Errors in dashboard export part2 [6014]
  • Improve json logger to keep log before/after per scheduler for all schedulers [5995]
  • Cash register: add transaction window is not modal so can go to back [5979]
  • Dashboard: Cancelling and re-exporting to PG server – mSupply Crashed. [5977]
  • Unpaid prescriptions for CDI are saved with confirm status, and no amount_outstanding set [5975]
  • Dashboard export: fails for strange dates [5960]
  • Custom stock labels: if 5 or more are made visible, the 5th is stretched vertically on the stock on date report window [5871]
  • Call workers should alway run on server even when client is executing call worker [5652]
  • Runtime error on Response requisition report for direct clients (not stores) [5609]
  • Deprecate the use of field [name]overpayment for the cash/payment module [5211]
  • Remove checking user login rights on store deletion [4540]
  • Watermarks don’t appear on Customer and Supplier invoices [4493]
  • sync check returning incorrect response [4179]
  • Transaction report > ‘cross_tab_name_category1_in_rows_quarters_in_columns_value_in_cells’ reported value is wrong. [3909]
  • Can’t delete a Store if it has historically been assigned a masterlist [3889]
  • Customer invoice sell prices are inconsistent after customer type changed [3570]
  • View Item: Usage stats options should not be restricted to Edit Items permission [2183]

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