Version History

mSupply v4.12 (2020-07-29)

New Features

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Cold Chain Equipment in mSupply

  • Add new way to indicate the item is a vaccine in the item window [6116]
  • Create `vaccine_vial_monitor_status` form [6392]
  • Create `temperature_breach_config` Form [6391]
  • New temperature breach configuration form / vaccine vial monitor status form [6089]

Easier importing/exporting of new datafiles (Site wizard)

  • Add Site export form
  • Add user permission to change Sync settings [6362]
  • Add window for importing data on new install/datafile [6246]
  • Export sites new option in file menu [6521]


  • UK-Med: need to be able to access Crown Agents’ import purchase order functionality [6292]
  • Dynamic scheduler – create main scheduler details list box [6416]
  • Add pref for Tupaia SurveyResponse [6394]
  • Merging and transferring patients between stores [5082]
  • As an admin, I want to search login rights on edit user so I can find the store I want [2389]


Report improvements

  • “Each invoice line by item” transaction report needs some more columns [6436]
  • Kaduna Deliver Note: Kaduna wants addresses and volume in ml [6386]
  • Clarify column headings in Stock on date Report, Show items with batches [6278]
  • Make Stock on date report suitable for Supervisor Mode [6252]
  • Make Current stock report suitable for Supervisor Mode [6251]

Setting up sync and store visibility settings

  • Store visibility for a new Name should be only to the store in which it has been created – by default [5891]
  • Store sync settings should be consistent with store visibility in other stores [5754]
  • Editing store visibility for a Store Name should result in the same visibility for this Name in the other store [5480]


  • Universal codes lookup does not handle whitespace [6560]
  • Create vaccine related data sync out records when enabling vaccine module [6505]
  • Refactor vaccine tupaia push [6088]

Bug fixes


  • UNFPA Tupaia Push, AMC is wrong for some items [6622]

For Ivory Coast

  • Finalising a supplier invoice created by linking to a requisition does not enter the items into stock [6593]

For Kaduna State, Nigeria

  • Kaduna Deliver Note: Bottom logo get chopped. [6547]

For all clients

  • Lines on a customer credit can’t be edited by double-clicking when the ‘‘Limit patient credits to previously prescribed items’‘ preference is turned on [6546]
  • Missing translation prescription’s payment tab [6530]
  • Give users visual indication of pending patient transfers + prevent editing in the meantime [6507]
  • Insurance tab and home store DDL shouldn’t be visible for new patient/prescriber [6458]
  • Cash Receipt Cancellation assigns the amount outstanding to the wrong invoice [6414]
  • Customer invoice window not re-sizable, whereas Supplier invoice is [6408]
  • Have sync handle gracefully error when trying to sync to non existing table or Field [6403]
  • Customer credits: A confirm button can appear, which is non-functional [6388]
  • UserName: Can’t see which user name is selected, mSupply client log in screen [6337]
  • Purchase order import: imports the first line of data in the import file only [6291]
  • Cancelling while generating sync records doesn’t really cancel the operation [6285]
  • Customer invoices: the transport dates are not editable on finalised invoices even if the user has the permission [6277]
  • Customer invoice/prescription and supplier invoice confirmation needs to check if item is on hold [6226]
  • Customer invoice, prescription and supplier invoice confirmation needs to check if name is on hold [6224]
  • Bulk store pref does not update sync out queue [6168]
  • Satellite site import XML shouldn’t receive stores with sync type None [6120]
  • Can issue/receive stock against new item which isn’t visible. [6057]
  • Duplicating a master list doesn’t update listbox to show duplicate [6050]
  • PNG-specific upgrade code needed before they’re upgraded from v4.08 [6032]
  • New customer name not visible in store with unchecked pref `Names created in other stores not visible in this store` [6026]
  • Management Summary Report: Value of stock at the end of the reported period [5969]
  • Making a patient visible in a new store should sync the patient details to that store’s site [5924]
  • Prescriptions don’t need to be restricted to just a patient’s home store [5845]
  • Sync type of newly created store is reported (and handled?) incorrectly. [5842]
  • Confusing masterlist selection in New Store creation. [5806]
  • Error message when editing Name Store visibility is misleading [5485]

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