Version History

mSupply v5.02 (2021-05-07)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

The Asset Module

mSupply now has an asset management module which can be used to manage any equipment and items used to support a health supply chain, like vehicles, fridges, and freezers.

You can now use mSupply to manage these assets by storing:

  • when the asset was purchased as well as when it was sold or thrown away
  • current location and maintenance schedule
  • current value and depreciation

Explore the assets module further here.

For Niger

  • POD: Customer invoices: on confirmation send data to an external app for Niger 7591

Making setup easier

  • Add a menu option to delete Temp folders 7736
  • Adjust Setup Factory installer to detect Regional settings, and not install until a valid region is chosen 7655
  • Adjust setup factory to install mSupply.exe with the checkbox “Run this program as an administrator” 7260


  • Allow uploading and displaying documents onto a purchase order 8090
  • File > Preference > Synchronisation tab: Add a search filter for the sync sites list 8136
  • Can now print a report for master lists 7157



  • JSON Schema updates [8388]
  • Show warning on opening “nw” SIs if they’re older than the store receiving it [8201]
  • Incorrect hub error message on refreshing hub config (v5) [8109]
  • Update hub config to HTTPS (v5) [8106]
  • User should be able to create a store from a name seamlessly (without unfinalised stock transfer checks) [7695]
  • Single user SYNC system to only upgrade to the mSupply server version. [7464]
  • Allow to read requisitions in a sync set-up cloud datafile [6728]
  • Requisition to be saved at opening [3777]

Report improvements

  • Nigeria GHLI: Split column in delivery note report [8058]
  • Make Suggested order quantities report suitable for Supervisor Mode and pivot table friendly [7083]
  • Make Item Usage report suitable for Supervisor Mode and pivot table friendly [7073]
  • Excel error producing Purchase order vs good received broken down by batches [6410]

Bug fixes

  • Store visibility can be changed in satellite with All-on/All-off button [8616]
  • Lao localization unsupported for the 4dv18r5 on the Windows [8589]
  • SI: Buttons in the prompt for asking “Delete” works oppositely. [8546]
  • Deleting a stock take can also delete [item_lines] which create runtime error. [8515]
  • Alert not showing when opening “nw” SIs if older than the store receiving it [8427]
  • Update locking in store creation from name process [8370]
  • When creating store from name, finalising pre-existing invoices doesn’t get finalised [8363]
  • Right after duplicating an item, there is a strange behavior with opening any other item details except for the newly duplicated one [8359]
  • Store creation- “use existing name” should not be checked by default [8346]
  • Item to build button not working in New build [8282]
  • Disconnecting lines in Niger Package label report [8252]
  • Store is active on 2 different sites [8179]
  • Sync halt: Mobile sync stops after fetching 10 records at a time even there are many waiting records to pull [8161]
  • Build reports not showing individual items on the same print form [8154]
  • Remove local variable from SRP report [8084]
  • Requisition request: the line max number is checked in the normal order in spite of no need [8062]
  • Name supplying store ID holds the orphans store ID [8057]
  • Store input form: incorrect behaviour of “Cancel” button in alert [8039]
  • Warning message for ad hoc items opens too many times [8007]
  • Unit & extended prices show wrong figures in the ET GR report of Sames [8000]
  • GR Consignment receipt report : An order that is received by multiple batches is not properly represented. [7997]
  • Universal Codes: new datafiles are missing item properties [7944]
  • Registering a sync datafile should remove any dud sync URLs [7922]
  • Check sync connection button should be available without unlock code [7921]
  • DDL does not show the proper list when user adds the new note on the Supplier/Customer input [7608]
  • Purchase order list: can’t order by supplier [7561]
  • Server only returns data for the first of multiple stores on a site [7070]
  • Deletion of store leave records go orphan [6797]
  • Some translations needed on importation form [6583]
  • “Show location type” is not available in the item menu when logged to a dispensary [6539]
  • Make Transactions > Invoice line with donor report suitable for Supervisor Mode + other issues [6312]
  • Deleting [store] can delete [name] related to customer invoices [6127]
  • Creating a new sync data file through sync write wrong version [2197]

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