Version History

mSupply v5.03 (2021-07-5)

New Features

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For everyone

  • Can now add a new transaction from the transaction list window [6212]
  • An easier way to copy permissions across stores! [7901]
  • The value in the ‘their_ref’ field in Purchase orders is now pulled across to the Supplier invoice [8396]
  • Dashboard updates are now improved to allow more frequent data pushes [8245]
  • Add import method for importing regions from a spreadsheet [8905]
  • Newly added requisitions (request/response) now appear at the top of the listbox [8637]
  • Ok & Next button added to asset input form [8470]
  • Can now capture weight per pack on supplier invoices [8469]
  • Can now add a Universal Codes column to the Item List when customizing the columns [8440]

For Fiji

  • For Fiji, if Inpatient selected, allow selecting the Ward from a dropdown list [8559]
  • Record if patient has FMP card, and record card number [8548]
  • Show items that are not supplied and their EDD in customer invoices and supplier invoices [8398]
  • Change the ‘Ref’ label to read ‘FMIS Reference’ on purchase orders for Fiji [8397]

For Invitech

  • Invitech: new report for export to Sage [8668]

For Tonga

  • Extend API for Tonga Vesalius integration [8164]


  • Tighten checks before deleting a response requisition [8349]
  • Update patient form to not overwrite the [name]barcode field [8918]
  • Authoriser configuration forms redo [8895]
  • Patient API barcode filter [8840]
  • Customer requisition new authorisation columns [8782]
  • Asset import > new propsed status not visible with existing current status [8632]
  • Improve user permissions report [8585]
  • Patient and Prescriber remote search forms should use pagination parameters when querying [8557]
  • When creating a new sync site from a store, the responsible user should have to be able to log into the store [8395]
  • Include ‘never order’ items in Item usage report by default [8372]
  • Remove firedaemon pro from server installer [8045]
  • Remove locallist system and convert all locallists to masterlist, deprecate unnecessary tables and fields [7858]
  • Customer and supplier invoices: More information needed on item selection window [7560]
  • Improve data entry form for requisitions [7487]
  • Dashboard: all exports to use queue table [7102]
  • Dynamic scheduler – add apply change button to save all edited settings for the selected scheduler [6881]
  • Item build- replace the last remaining subform in mSupply with a listbox [5943]
  • Able to make supplier hub purchase orders with no Months to Supply, Look Back Period, AMC or Suggested Quantity [5319]
  • Stock line while issuing to be sorted by expiry date, Location.priority, Location, batch number, Available [3188]
  • Modifying item visibility should be logged [2514]
  • Can still edit the ‘User can…’ fields when a user is assigned to a group [2370]

Bug fixes

  • Purchase order: the position of buttons moves with changing the window size [9011]
  • Customer invoice : fix altered selection of [trans_line] records [9009]
  • Supplier hub catalogue updates not being posted to the Supplier hub server [8984]
  • Runtime error when adding local charges to a supplier invoice with lines [8915]
  • Creating a new name generates runtime error. [8858]
  • Auto-upgrader does not check the minimum window requirement [8812]
  • Store cannot be renamed without changing the store code [8811]
  • Asset import: preview table “Field” column takes column headings from the spreadsheet. [8803]
  • Asset import: a few minor issues [8802]
  • Mac signing and notarisation layout [8785]
  • Stocktake report doesn’t show added cost to adjusted quantity of an Item [8778]
  • Build: status dropdown list is populated with the current status [8771]
  • v4 router should return 405 and 500 HTTP statuses appropriately [8757]
  • Alternate HTTP server default port should be different from normal web server defaults [8736]
  • Supplier invoice and goods received note: weight per pack is not saved against stock like volume [8729]
  • Purchase order (Outstanding lines): “OK & Next” button doesn’t open new purchase order window [8719]
  • ‘View and edit’ temperature breach configuration permission (under Vaccines) is misleading [8698]
  • Customer assigned master lists: incorrect alert when printing [8688]
  • Updating group permissions doesn’t update a logged-in user [8687]
  • Clicking cancel button in the new build window just saves record even if there are no BOM items are added [8648]
  • Generic listbox: horizontal scrollbars always showing by default [8636]
  • Item properties are not being saved when an item is assigned a UC [8628]
  • Rest API Endpoints “Page not found” response message should return a 404 status rather than a 200 [8615]
  • Name visibility setting: buttons don’t work correctly in a non-sync system [8610]
  • Generic Listbox: margins are not right on form [8598]
  • When printing a requisition as an EMAIL PDF. The subject of the email displays blank dates. [8570]
  • Assets: changing a field label does not change the column header in the assets table [8567]
  • Supervisor can update price list despite the alert [8507]
  • Assets: when a property name is changed it doesn’t automatically update the column header displayed in the asset output listbox [8472]
  • Incorrect calculations for AMC and MOS in customer requisitions created from the supplier hub [8471]
  • The supplier/customer field is non-enterable when creating new General requisitions (non-program) [8443]
  • Cannot Make Patients or Prescribers on Primary Server [8421]
  • REST_validate_auth_header() returns true if no auth header supplied [8407]
  • Expiring Items report with locs (custom Nauru report) does not correctly sort locations [8390]
  • Nbr of Skipped records variable doesn’t seems to be reset at the end or start of importing location [8334]
  • When importing you can import blank codes in Abbreviation and others [8333]
  • Updating values after Sorting the fields in Recod Browser doesn’t work properly [8271]
  • Store code and name can be changed to the same name and code as the existing store [8064]
  • Item code ‘already in use’ warning should show the in use item name/code (not the item name being added) [7821]
  • Edit Store OK & Previous and OK & Next buttons do not select the correct stores [7807]
  • Splitting stock lines automatically assigns a barcode to the new stock line regardless of whether barcodes are in use [7769]
  • Log message for backup is confusing [7581]
  • Against Liberia cloud server > Viewing preference window throws runtime error with window freeze clicking OK [7551]
  • Purchase order: “OK & Next” button doesn’t open new purchase order window [7477]
  • The number of total records to export is partially hidden. [7476]
  • Replace Ordered Item report with slightly amended Purchase Order Lines with discount [Excel] report [6412]
  • Response requisitions: when creating for a non-store customer, their master list is not available when using the “Add from master list” button [6101]
  • Can delete patients with related insurance policies [5986]
  • Inconsistent behaviour when creating a calculated Purchase order with and without ‘Separate order for each supplier’ turned on [5889]
  • The tender module need more translations [4336]
  • Supervisor login grants access to all stores [3888]
  • Name import: needs to work for patient and benchmark suppliers [2468]
  • Choosing This half-year in the date range chooser displays Null dates when dates format are YYYY-MM-DD [2388]

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