Version History

mSupply v5.04 (2021-08-23)

New Features

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For everyone

  • The asset module now has reporting capability [9052]
  • Add multi-select and delete to backorders for individual Item and customer [9074]
  • Add pack unit to Add/Edit supplier invoice line screen [8891]
  • mSupply now shows an alert before closing mSupply client due to user inactivity [4070]
  • You can now get to mSupply dashboard through the mSupply navigator! [3904]
  • Add new stock variance report showing all lines [9152]
  • Requisition reports calculated Supplied quantities using number of packs rather than number of units [9415]

For Chemonics Niger

  • Chemonics Niger: proof of delivery information to be sent to proof of delivery app [9207]

For Kiribati

  • Vaccination programs: Allow to edit confirm date and vaccinator for finalised prescription [9055]

For Nigeria Kaduna

  • Add new current stock report [8968]
  • Sell price on customer invoices must come from the catalogue price, not the batch’s sell price [8964]
  • Requisition import: required for Kaduna [8943]
  • Update price list report: provide an additional option to update to the maximum price of current batches in stock. [8965]

For Samoa

  • Add new prescription report for Samoa based on transaction categories [8881]


  • Alert: Need to change alert while deleting a line in repack [9119]
  • Vaccination programs: Add ui for adding/editing/disabling medicine_administrator (vaccinators [9107]
  • Find goods received window to have more search options. [8963]
  • Need a way to ignore ColdChain Unacknowledged Breach notifications on the server [8947]
  • Add stocktake details and adjustment reasons and comments to Stock Variance report [8847]
  • Sidebar/tab for customer “cash receipt” and supplier “payment” in the [transact]Output listbox [8829]
  • Enabling the “Count of Sync” in mSupply Dashboard [8249]
  • Myanmar: changes to National Quarterly report to accommodate regions [7445]
  • Needs to prevent a runtime error be thrown at startup when json file for the scheduler is absent. [4989]
  • Clarify PO view [2202]

Bug fixes

  • Remote patient lookup was broken [9377]
  • Aggregator ID field has gone negative [9356]
  • Stocktake on ‘Collector’ store can be edited [9260]
  • Issuing service item > Its lines Sell price does not get updated [9099]
  • excelSheetReadRow method does not handle Blank type cells [9060]
  • Sussol Admin : Scheduler window adding Parameter key when it is not necessary and Scheduler fails to run [8966]
  • Can’t change password or language without the Add/edit users permission [8922]
  • Solomon NMS > Custom Usage report lost ETA calculation [8901]
  • Runtime error when updating kit items to stock on a goods received line [8868]
  • Runtime error when viewing kit details on a purchase order line [8867]
  • Stocktakes filtered by Master List should not include zero stock lines [8846]
  • AlternateHTTP server sometimes randomly responds with a 400 [8845]
  • Deleting a sync site in the Preferences Synchronise window doesn’t actually delete the site record [8826]
  • Keyboard control when logging in [8797]
  • Keyboard control when switching stores [8795]
  • Correction of VEN ‘N’ classification [8602]
  • Confusion around VEN classification [8601]
  • Any values given in sync IDs disappears after updating anything on Add/Edit sync parameters [8298]

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