Version History

mSupply v5.05 (2021-10-19)

New Features

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For everyone

  • As a user, I would like to know when records arrive that need to be processed – notifications in mSupply! [8042]
  • Item VEN category export import [9282]
  • Stocktake – add a “discovered item form” when printing a ST sheet [7584]


  • PNG: Add signature block to GRs and SIs [9324]
  • User-customisable columns for the Web Item Catalogue [9025]
  • Code to replace item codes [9130]


  • Migration for syncing remote store data missing on central server [9358]
  • Bring `feature/site-rewrite` xliffs into `develop` to stop conflicts [9680]
  • Add help tip to notifications icon on navigator [9665]
  • Need migration code to add “useStartTimeForTiming” new key for dynamic scheduler [9639]
  • Improve genericListbox to have more flexible associated input form [9502]
  • Logging control to take out from Preference > Log tab [9431]
  • Show table name in log rather than table number [9417]
  • Include win server 2019 in the restriction alert message of the system requirement in the setup factory [8993]

Bug fixes

  • Closing notification list window should force stop the ongoing calculation process [9709]
  • ‘Their Ref’ label for Supplier Invoices and Purchase Orders doesn’t carry through everywhere [9697]
  • In a no-sync setup, Sync site shows Transfer when any store pref is edited/updated [9662]
  • Clicking ‘Show expired’ button for viewing expired repeats doesn’t exactly show the expired repeats [9630]
  • Users can no longer use the keyboard shortcut ‘CTRL + N’ to create a new prescription [9592]
  • Add “useStartTimeForTiming” key to dynamic scheduler data to run scheduler at its start time [9532]
  • The UI should show that you can use multi-select on backorders [9528]
  • Allow the quantity on PO lines that is linked to a Tender Quote to be modified on Suggested PO [9496]
  • Tender line packsize should never be allowed to be set to “0” [9492]
  • Good received printing with consignment report GR is broken [9449]
  • ItemLine Cost Price: No round of while saving item line cost price [9444]
  • Expiry date column is chopped off in summary landscape with logo CI report [9443]
  • Customer history is not filtered by store when the “Share prescriptions over stores” preference is on [9441]
  • Cancelling a calculated Purchase order initiated from the Po list window, change the PO’s sorting order [9391]
  • Suggested order quantities report produces incorrect suggested order quantity [9368]
  • Good receiving line input window > Clicking Delete/Duplicate/ Add line throws Runtime error [9219]
  • Some Read only fields are greyed out in the item input window. [9031]
  • Remote tender : Closing date not being properly transferred to the RTM. [9024]
  • Tuvalu pushing events with inconsistent site_type to infohub [9019]
  • Populating ‘Unit Cost’ field causes ‘Quantity’ and ‘Pack size’ fields to change in Inventory Adjustment with no explanation [8837]
  • Store preferences cant be sorted, We add a search bar [4207]
  • PDF Customer Statement report generates 0 Kb files [4139]
  • Unauthorised goods received note lines cannot be received later [3967]
  • Removed unused pref and variable : pref_blob_write (“store_pref_per_store_array”;->ab_store_pref;3;->[store]ID) // Save the set store preference [3529]
  • Preference “Print the following message for placeholder lines” does nothing [2215]

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