Version History

mSupply v5.06 (2021-12-16)

New Features

See our docs to read more about our new features!

For Everyone

  • New “Users” tab on Edit store window which shows which users can log into that store [9490]
  • Force to create/use log file upon deployment [6893]
  • Different icons for Server, Client and Single-User forms of mSupply desktop so you can tell them apart! [3970]


  • UNFPA – Program Supplies report (new item ledger report) [9427]

For Fiji

  • Add custom requisition report to show program fields [9737]


For everyone

  • Translate mSupply to work in Portuguese [9803]
  • Tender acceptance Printout : Re-align price Columns and add Grand total [9780]
  • Enhance requisition Type in Requisition grouped by Customer report [7508]
  • Apply improvements made in saved report template function in supervisor mode to the rest of reports [6791]

For Tonga

  • Tonga: Add schools to the PCD FormSchema [9646]

Bug fixes

  • Leading zeros get removed when exporting a report to Excel [9710]
  • Changing the supplier name is not updated in supplier invoice [9857]
  • When field name has been changed in Supply, field order is changed in postgres [9778]
  • User login does not correspond to the language used [9740]
  • UI Font tweaks [9735]
  • Suggested Order Quantities report incorrectly calculating AMC for nominated months of calculation [9724]
  • Logs show sync errors for “sync (U) record not created” | “Missing store ID: site 2” for [pref] on intialising/export [9690]
  • New item: forecasting calculation method is not specified [9661]
  • “Search stores” field in Edit patient-> store Visibility window similar to Edit customer/supplier-> store Visibility window [9615]
  • Runtime error on double-click empty line when selecting patient event [9591]
  • Add/edit supplier invoice line Window: Margin is changed to 0 whereas all other prices remains same as before after changing item [9548]
  • File > Export > Choose table w “Open in Excel” & “New search” checked: cancelling search window creates a blank Excel file [9489]
  • Program pricing affects both patients and customers [9395]
  • Stock on date report includes a line of data for a non-existent store called ‘All’ [9319]
  • Client regularly crashes when editing users [9287]
  • Speed up requisitions Grouped by Item (Pivot Table/Excel Friendly) report [7506]
  • Make Purchase order vs good received broken down by batches report suitable for Supervisor Mode – plus make it filter and pivot table friendly [6411]
  • Dashboard oAuth login fails with fetch undefined [6234]